One of the most memorable dining experiences that I can say I’m lucky to have ever had was at Benu (  I love trying an assortment of different things, and this was my first time having a prix fix menu with 18 courses.

Oyster Kimchi Pork Belly (it’s set upon a little stand)

Each course was a small bite, delicately prepared and well thought out.  There was a menu given listing each item that we would be having, but it was fun to expect a dish to come out a certain way, but to see the chef’s play on it.

For example, the oyster kimchi pork belly (sorry for the dark photos — didn’t want to be flashing everyone with my camera) didn’t look like anything that I would have expected, but it was wonderfully delicious, especially with it’s crunchy texture (the translucent part).

Foie Gras XLB

My favorite item was the foie gras XLB..ahh, the days when we still had FG…Anyways, I am an XLB lover, and will always try them at most restaurants that serve them.  I must say, that aside from the motherland DTF, this XLB was a close second.  The skin was so thin and delicate, and the inside was a good combo of filling and soup.  Just perfect.  SW knows I love them and gave me 1 of his 2, so I had 3.  What a nice guy, huh?

A few other creations that I thought were unique and well presented:

Conch, tomato, green orange, dashi (meant to be slurped out of the shell)
Salt and Pepper Squid (black part had the texture of those fried shrimp chips or chiccarones)
Monkfish Liver, Salmon Roe, buckwheat, daikon

Although it is expensive, it’s a culinary experience.  It’s definitely right up my alley with the Asian themed dishes, and I was lucky enough to go again for the 2nd time this past September.  This time, we were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of two additional friends 🙂


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