branching out…

So for a long time in my life, i’ve always sort of dreaded, or rather, preferred not to eat Indian Food.  (Sorry, Indian people and Indian food lovers!  I am actually really intrigued by Indian culture, so hopefully this makes up for that).  I think it was just previous bad experiences that I had.  The last couple of times I had Indian food, my tummy hated me for it.  Let’s just say, the Chicken Vindaloo gave me Chicken VindaPOO 😦

Anyhow, SW likes Indian food, and I’ve been trying to keep an open mind to it.  I would surely be sad if he didn’t like something that I really enjoyed.  Monday night, he suggests we have Indian food and I politely agree.  The last time we had Indian, it was Curry Up Now, and it wasn’t half bad–although I don’t really know what’s good or bad.

We decide to try Aslam’s Rasoi in the Valencia corridor of the Mission District.  It had great reviews on yelp, and was open late.  My taste buds must be getting used to the flavors of Indian food, because I actually enjoyed it.  I know that what we ordered was probably the ‘sweet and sour chicken’ and ‘broccoli beef’ of Indian food, but hey–gotta start with something less adventurous.

We started with the samosas, accompanied by a spicy sauce and a sweet sauce..

and then followed by Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo (yes!  I was going to give it another shot), and the Aloo Gobi (califlower & potatoes), and can’t forget the naan — Onion & Cilantro + Plain.
                    chicken tikka masala & chicken vindaloo

Aloo Gobi, Naans, Rice

I have to say that everything was *really* good and I really enjoyed it!  The chicken tikka masala had a nice smokey flavor.  The first time I had chicken vindaloo (the chicken vindaPOO time), I thought–chicken and potatoes, should be pretty straightforward for a rookie Indian food eater.  The first bite I took contained an unexpected sourness.  Gahh..It’s not supposed to be sour, is it?  That was before my days of enjoying sour flavors.  This time, it was not sour, and actually reminded me of a Chinese curry flavor.  Everything was gobbled up…is this a lot of food for two people?

Aslam’s Rasoi..perhaps we will meet again (I would go back).


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