this is what i’m excited to share

okay, so I must have a lot of say because i’m writing a 2nd post today 😀

There has been much hype about the restaurant State Bird Provisions (, ever since last year (and I suppose now I’m just adding *more* hype to the hype).  Anyways, in San Francisco, the food/concept of this restaurant must be pretty good to have this sort of popularity for this long.  My friend MissP was the first person to mention it to me early last year.  I didn’t really think much of it, until one day, I was on Fillmore Street and had to kill some time, so I stopped into Quickly for a milk tea.  It was around 5PM, and I look across the street and see a line of people.  I think to myself, ‘What is that and why are people are lining up this early?’  Low and behold it’s State Bird Provisions.

I think to myself..okay, will have to try to one day.  Since then, I think it was August or September of last year,  I have randomly looked online to see if I can get a reservation, and there has never been anything available.  Their reservation calendar books for sixty days and if you don’t see it on their website, you won’t be getting a table..unless you want to stand in line at 5PM.

Could this place really be that freaking good??  What is this?  French Laundry??  They book out for 60 days, and so does SBP?  Could this be real?? But I’ve heard from several different people, whether its a mid-thirties guy, or a fifty year old lady who knows her food, that they’ve all really enjoyed it.  I was thinking about doing a test just to see if I’d get a reservation at French Laundry before SBP.  I’m not sure why I find this so intriguing.   It must be because I want what I haven’t been able to get.  LOL

So on Monday, SW tells me that SBP has been named one of Bon Appetit’s Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in America. Sorry…let me re-phrase–it’s actually #1 on the list!

Here’s the article:

( I am, just further decreasing my chances of getting a reservation now!)

Awesome.  Definitely won’t be getting a table now that it’s on a top ten list.

Last night, I was looking on to look for something fun/new to eat in SoCal for a trip that’s planned next month.  I click over to SFEater, and see some news on a pop-up called the Liholiho Yacht Club (  Sounds interesting eh?  Not entirely sure what will be served, but it’s Hawaiian themed and the reviews on yelp were pretty good.  It says it’ll be at 1529 Fillmore St for the next two Sundays.  Okay, I’m totally one of those people that gets all into stuff when it seems like its in short supply, and then to add to my excitement I realize, it’ll be at State Bird Provisions!!! So, this will sort of  be eating there finally??  😛

Okay, I know I’m a dork and get overly excited about silly things..but I’ve never been to a pop-up so I hope this will be fun!

oh and by the way..since we’re talking about things that have been all the rage lately…Kale has been an ‘IT’ veggie recently, popping up everywhere due to its ‘superfood’ description.  I made kale chips for the first time last night:
before baking

crispy, salty, and yummy…and good for you.



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