blast to the past

It was quite nice to have absolutely no plans on Saturday…exactly what I wanted and needed.  With that said, it was a great idea when SW made a suggestion to go to Noe Valley.  This is one neck of the woods that we don’t venture to very often.  I found this brunch place, Pomelo (, that had a really eclectic brunch menu.  Neither of us had ever heard of it, but yelp had great reviews so we decided to try it.
It was a really cute place and there were so many items on the menu that looked really good.  Free mini muffins for everyone — We got Pear & Almond.  The pear one had little chunks of pear in it, which just made it that much better!

But, of course, leave it to me to order the Batavia (origin Jakarta) — Indonesian fried rice with two frieds eggs on top ==> LOVE eggs! along with shrimp chips and a small cup of pickled cucumbers and carrots

and not surprisingly…..

SW got the Cabo San Lucas — 2 grilled snapper tacos
with mango salsa and chipotle aioli.  I should mention, he was originally gonna get the Batavia, but let me get it instead heh (nice guy!)  If we had been more hungry, I’m sure we would have also ordered some other dishes, such as the Makena (Maui) –banana-stuffed mascarpone brioche french toast with roasted macadamias and warm coconut syrup.  Doesn’t that justsound sooooo good?  Even now, it still sounds heavenly..
Pomelo just happened to be a couple of blocks away from where I spent pretty much all of my childhood. Even though I live in San Francisco, I haven’t actually had a chance in many years to walk around my old neighborhood.  We went to the playground where I spent a lot of time and it was really neat to see that most of it was still the same.  We walked several blocks, and I gave SW a ‘walking tour’ as I called it, and it made me reminisce about all the times I had spent there..pointing out all the houses where my friends used to live and tidbits of memories I still have.

In elementary school, one of girls that I played with most often, Chloe, had written our names in the cement on the sidewalk in front  of her house..and it was nice to see (although you can’t really make out what’s written anymore), after all these years it’s still there:

Going back there was really sentimental…
I concluded my “childhood walking tour” with a stop at Mitchell’s Ice Cream.  Yesss…more ice cream!  Funny..I only recall ever going there maybe once or twice when I was a kid.  Anyhow,  it was a nice unexpected treat 🙂
Tropical 4 – Banana, Mango, Guava, & Pineapple
When dinner time rolled around, again we were trying to figure out what we should eat…SW said he wanted either Shabu or Prime Rib, both things we love.  I wasn’t really in the mood for all you can eat shabu–this is the only kind SW knows 😛  So I opted for prime rib.  Thinking it might be hard to get a table last minute on a Saturday night at a steakhouse, I remembered this place in Chinatown that SW said had really good prime rib–and it’s cheap!    I’ve heard of him mention it several times, and not wanting to go somewhere fancy, I suggesting going there to finally try it.
I asked him where he had heard of this place, and he said that he used to go there with his family when he was a kid…only now as I’m writing this did I realize that we went back to one of his childhood places also that day!   It was like a blast to the past for both of us.
The restaurant was Pacific Court Cafe in Chinatown.  It was a really casual, Hong Kong Style cafe..not much ambiance, but if you want a good prime rib (they also have lobster too!) all for the bargain price of $18.95,
728 Pacific Ave
Ste 118
(between Grant Ave & Pelton Pl)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 781-8312
soup or salad, spaghetti or fries, garlic bread, prime rib ..AND jello w/vanilla ice cream — what a deal!!

You can also have reserve a room there for your next party !


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