happy st patty’s day


I never thought I was festive..but recently, MissD said that I am.  I guess I sort of am..sometimes??  Okay, I did paint a couple of my nails green, and yes, I did buy a shamrock plant (only because I’ve never seen them sold anywhere), and I may have bought a green shirt to wear on St. Patty’s Day.  Hmm….so maybe I am festive :PAnyhow, MissD came to the city to play with me, and I thought it would be fun to take her to the StrEATtfood Park (http://somastreatfoodpark.com/).  I had been there once before recently and had a really fun time…there are a variety of food carts that change day to day, live music, and indoor & outdoor seating areas, and it was relaxing to just hang out there.Everyone was definitely in the St Patty’s mood, which was fun!  Irish themed foods, GREEN Beer, and lots of green clothing!After making an entire round to check out all of the trucks, MissD got a corned beef, cabbage and mashed potato wrap.  I got green eggs & ham sliders from MeSoHungry and Irish fries from EireTrea (which just ended up being fries with curry sauce).

The weather was so sunny and warm, food, a couple of drinks, and a live band…you really can’t ask for more!
Before we left, we made a pit stop by the desert truck.  Mmm..molten lava cake w/vanilla ice cream, fried mochi donuts w/matcha powder, and Macaroon with Guava Sorbet to end a great afternoon 🙂

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