It’s been several days since I’ve had some time to blog, needless to say, there has been a lot of eating going on 😛

Let’s start with Thursday.  I was originally planning to cook something, but laziness and tiredness got the best of me, and we ended up back in the Mission..good old Mission..I’m really starting to love this area for its diversity of cuisines/restaurants.  It has definitely seeing a lot of revitalization in the last couple of years with new restaurants popping up all the time which is awesome for variety, not to mention, many are open later–convenient if you are sometimes a late night eater.

We had no cravings, and ended up parking outside of lolo (  I’ve walked past this restaurant many times and was always curious to try it.  I was a bit hesitant at first because we’ve had tapas a lot recently.  Despite this, SW and I were still pleasantly surprised..the words, “This might be my new favorite restaurant” came out of his mouth, but with him, you can never tell if he’s joking or serious!

We started with:

Tijuana Ceasar Salad:  I really enjoyed the twist on this classic salad.  I didn’t read the description, and I should have known better then to expect a traditional ceasar.  Aside from the normal components, there were also anchovies, avocado slices, as well as red cabbage pieces.

Taco Tropical:  It looked like it would be maybe a bit saucy but it was like a treat for your mouth with the mixture of flavors and textures–the crunchiness of the panko-crusted shrimp, and the outter cool veggie shell (I’m guessing it was some sort of radish) were a great combo.  This was probably the best tapa we had that night.

We also had the Tuna Tacon, Crab tostadas, and the Pork Shoulder Gordita
Crab Tostada
Tuna Tacon
Pork Shoulder Gordita
Lots of yummy flavors and textures!
Thankfully, SW isn’t shy about taking thanks SW for the nice, non-dark photos!
So like I said above, I had been planning on cooking Thursday night, but ending up pushing it to the next night.  Yes, a nice quiet Friday in after a long week.
I rarely make these, but I was at Safeway earlier in the week and saw what was very correctly named “colossal scallops“.  Look at the size of it!!!
They were so big, I couldn’t pass them up.  I always thought that it would be hard to make a meal out of scaw-llops (I think it’s funny sounding when people pronounce it this way haha) because they wouldn’t be substantial enough, and then I thought, I could put them on top of risotto. Yay!
Here are my seared scallops over asparagus and shiitake mushroom risotto.  I should have added a bit of truffle oil to give the risotto an extra kick, but I forgot.  Oh wells.  Funny thing is the scallops only took about 3-4 minutes to make, while the risotto took about 45 minutes.
bon appetit!

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