Liholiho Yacht Club

Sunday night was our pop-up dinner by Liholiho Yacht Club @ State Bird Provisions.  We were lucky to have two friends join us to take part in the eating!  They too have also been to SBP previously and loved it as well.  One day!… Although, I’m sort of over it for the time being now hahaWe got there a bit early, and while waiting we watched the creator/chef Ravi Kapur (his name doesn’t sound Hawaiian, but yes, he is from the 808) and staff cooking away, all in their Hawaiian shirts.  It was neat being able to watch as they were preparing the dishes, which by the way, all looked interesting and nicely presented.
The menu was a set menu, which always makes things easy–no need to decide on what to get.  In total, there were twelve different items and all meant to be eaten family style.  There were 6 different appetizers plus boiled peanuts to start.  This was a great way to begin the meal because we each got a small taste of each dish and there was lots of variety!
Spicy tombo tuna, nori chip, spicy mayo:  This was a nice first dish..again a combo of textures which included crunchiness from the nori chip and a nice jello-y cool texture from the spicy tuna







Cabbage wedge salad with seaweed ranch and sesame:  This was also nice and refreshing, and the cabbage was perfectly cooked so that it was still a bit crisp and not soggy, but also not raw tasting.










Raw Beef, crispy tripe, green papaya, peanuts
Tofu, bonito flakes, avocado, and clamshell mushroom









Chilled asparagus, red barley miso dressing with little baby turnips
smoked tako and kimchi

Overall, I thought the appetizers more unique in comparison to the entrees.  Everything was cooked perfectly and most of the dishes had a nice combo of flavors and textures.






Our entrees included:

Fried Quail with spiced honey:  I think this is their signature dish.  I normally am not a huge fan of quail, but this was exactly how I would have liked it!  Crispy, fried, and a nice sweet flavor.  You can’t go wrong with fried and sweet!

5 spice sausage:  I could taste the 5 spice, which made it taste more Asian style.

Black Bean Sparerib:  The meat was really tender and the black bean flavor was actually sort of subtle.




Brown Sticky Rice in a lotus leaf: I pretty much the same as “low mei gai” that you get at dimsum.  I almost always get these at dimsum!

as well as a side of

Cauliflower, kale, and carrot chili sauce:  This was a nice combination of crunch and flavors





The entrees were definitely good–all things that I normally would order (except maybe the quail, although here it was good), but I guess, not anything that was too out of the ordinary.  Most of them reminded me of Chinese dishes and we didn’t really see too much of the Hawaiian influence in them.  I also think they could have been presented a little better, rather then all on one plate.  It was like a big meat platter!


Dessert was YUM-O!

pineapple malasadas with a coconut anglaise:  Fried, sugary, and hot, with chunks of pineapple in them and then dipped in the sauce….soooo gooddddd.

A *nice* way to end the meal.

Dinner was great..lots of yummy food, 2 bottles of wine, and great company! 😀


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