chinese foodsss

SW usually grabs Chinese food for lunch with his mom a couple of times a week. yes. he’s definitely a mama’s boy. its quite nice that he keeps her company and lucky for him, he gets free lunch πŸ˜€ Well, he missed his lunch with his mom on Friday, so when dinner time came, guess what we had–Chinese food of course! We’ve walked passed the Wo Hing General Store, one of Charles Phan’s (owner of Slanted Door many SF restaurants, so we finally decided to try it. I was a bit skeptic at first..Would it be another PF Chang type restaurant? I guess my expectations weren’t too high.

We got there a little early for our reservation and while waiting at the bar, I looked around the restaurant, taking in the scene. You can see into the kitchen and the majority of the staff were Asian…okay. good sign.

We ordered:


Shanghai Dumplings — As I mentioned previously, I will almost always get these at any restaurant that serves them.

The filling was really tasty and juicy, the outer skin was nice and thin. Usually, the bigger the better, but in this case, my personal preference would have been for them to be slightly smaller, since they are meant to be eaten in one bite…I like to literally ‘stuff my face’ with lots of food, but not actually stuff my face while eating πŸ™‚ but other then that, they were pretty delicious.

Szechuan Peppercorn Chicken Wings— I liked the ‘numbing’ spice that Szechuan peppercorns are known for and it gave the wings a little kick.

peppercorn chicken wings

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup — From the description, it didn’t sound like this is what it would be–it said something about spicy chili beans and wheat noodles??? They should have just said SPICY BEEF NOODLE SOUP… when it came out, it was definitely a pleasant surprise!! It was SOOO yummy. I love Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, and I haven’t really found anywhere that serves a good one in SF…well, I guess I haven’t looked..but yes, I would go back just for this!


We also got: beef claypot, scrambled egg with pork belly, stir fried asparagus

claypot egg with pork belly


and last came the stir fried rice cake:

stirfried rice cake

I think our server forgot to put this in..he seemed kind of out of it and awkward, but I later figured out why he was so nonchalant. This dish was sort of similar to the stir fried rice cake I attempted making one day, except with pea shoots

My Version: not quite as colorful, as I didn’t have fresh veggies and it was a spur of the moment dish. I used mustard greens, which is the more commonly used green veggie in this dish.


Overall, we thought the food was pretty good! I really liked the asparagus also–it had a lot of flavor and still had a lot of crunch in its texture. This I always find hard to do when I cook asparagus myself because when its crunchy, the flavor doesn’t seem to stick until it’s cooked more thoroughly.

I always take a business card from places that we eat at..little momentos to remember our meals (as if this blog and photos aren’t enough!). So the next day, I looked at the card and hand written on it was that the restaurant would be closing the next day. bummer! Just when we found good Spicy Beef Noodle Soup! 😦


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