SW has been craving crab lately, so we went to Crustaceans Saturday Night.


We both had forgotten how good this place is.  I don’t eat crab as often as I’d like, but before last Saturday, I thought PPQ Dungeness Island was the best place for crab.  We went there recently for a friend’s birthday, and in comparison, Crustaceans now ranks higher in my opinion!


Tempura Style Coconut Prawns:  Usually, I *think* I don’t like these, but I always do!  Especially the dipping sauce it came with.  It had a fish sauce flavor that is so common with Vietnamese food.  For me, this enhanced the flavors and made the appetizer taste that much better!

MMMMMM……the main course:  The Roast Crab — an entire dungeness crab roasted to perfection with garlic and spices


He looks like he’s staring at you in this picture lol

Soooo delicious..perfectly cooked and moist with lots of flavor.  Worth getting messy and wearing a plastic bib any day to eat this!!  Maybe we should have just each ordered our own, like everyone else did.

Oh well…we decided to have variety instead.


Pan Roast Halibut with a toasted sesame miso vinaigrette, roasted white corn and shitake mushroom, atop white cheddar Asian basil mashed potatoes shitake mushroom, atop white cheddar Asian basil mashed potatoes

fish, corn, mashed potatoes, and shitake mushrooms, great combo!  the piece of fish was really big too!  flavors were good, although a tiny bit over salted.

Garden Vegetables tofu, shitake and seasonal mixed vegetables sautéed in a vegetable au jus An’s Garlic Noodles egg noodles infused with An’s famous garlic sauce

garden veggies & garlic noodles

The veggies were also really good..they were sauteed in a different sauce..I can’t really explain it, but I really enjoyed them also!

There are so many restaurants in San Francisco, and always a new one popping up, I find it hard to return to one, but Crustaceans is definitely worthy of multiple trips back!  I can see why it’s such a SF staple!I wish I could eat these garlic noodles every day.



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