why hello there again!  it’s been several weeks since I last posted.  My absence is because…..i was on VACAYYYY!!! yup.  SW and I are jet setters and took a week long trip to the beautiful islands of Maui and then Oahu.



this picture cannot capture how beautiful this sunset was

Hawaii was definitely relaxing and fun.  A week of pigging out and lazing around on the beach..rough life  hehe 😛  I love Hawaii because of the year round sun, warm weather, ‘aloha spirit’ (people are just nicer and I enjoy the slower pace), and of course the FOOD.  Before going, I was already thinking of all of the spots I would want to visit and what I wanted to eat.  Living in San Francisco, it’s hard to imagine that we could be lacking in any sort of food, but there are so many different restaurants and foods that they only have in Hawaii.

SW loves Hawaii as well, and the first meal we had when we got to Maui was none other then Aloha Mixed Plate (www.alohamixedplate.com/).  Mitsu Ken Garlic Chicken (in Honolulu) was one of the foods I had on my list of places to eat, and to feed this craving while in Maui, I got the Mochiko Chicken + Kalua Pork plate.  What did SW get??  His ULTIMATE favorite Hawaiian Food –> LOCO MOCO.

I won’t go over each and every food and meal we had there…but rather just some of the highlights or interesting foods.

Star Noodle (http://www.starnoodle.com/) seemed to get pretty high reviews so we decided to check it for our first lunch:

The Vietnamese Crepe was yummy.  A little different then the traditional one in that the exterior egg ‘crepe’ was fried and crispy and the stuffing inside was mixed with coconut milk which gave it a nice creamy taste.  SW really enjoyed this as it was his first time having it…sadly, I told him that this wasn’t the traditional preparation so it might be hard to find this way again.


banh xeo – Vietnamese Crepe

We also got the:  Malasadas – Chocolate and Butterscotch Caramel Sauces, Peanuts.  Its description sounded promising and after having the delicious pineapple malasadas at Liloliho Yacht Club, we had to get some in Hawaii of course. Unfortunately, they were slightly over fried and the outer shell was hard 😦  Perhaps a trip to Leonard’s in Honolulu would make up for it..


Later that night, we wandered over to Lahaina’s downtown area and came across a completely unexpected find–a quaint looking French restaurant named Gerard’s (http://www.gerardsmaui.com/).  IMG_2449

The thought had occurred to neither of us — people don’t normally think to get French food in Hawaii.  But as soon as we looked at the menu, light bulbs went off — we can get FOIE GRAS here!!!!!!  We got reservations for the next night and GEE, I don’t think either of us could nearly contain our excitement in being able to feast on this yummy little delicacy again.


yum yum yum.

we each got our own order and I don’t know if it is because it’s been a while, or it’s knowing that we don’t have this available in California anymore..but it tasted amazing.  A nice sized piece on top of French toast.  The FG were perfectly seared, and the little salt flakes gave it a great combination of salty crunchiness, along with the buttery texture of the FG, mixed with the sweetness of the French toast…Gerard knows how to make Foie Gras!  It was definitely one of the best preparations of FG that I’ve had.  After finishing it, it was a little bittersweet…bye FG..for now.


We came across this fish taco restaurant named Coconut’s Fish Cafe (http://coconutsfishcafe.com/) that boasted rave reviews such as “Highest Rated Restaurant in Maui” and “Rated #1 in the USA” so we thought we’d have to try it!


signature item: fish taco


coconut shrimp served with Thai chili pineapple


The tacos were quite hearty..two in an order.  They were pretty tasty.  SW being a taco/burrito lover, needless to say, loved them!


Another must have while in Hawaii is their shave ice!  If you’ve never had it, you have to try it!  The shave ice is so super soft.  How they get it to be so fine and soft amazes me.  We got Ululani’s (ululanisshaveice.com/) on the way to the airport and it was SW’s first time!  Soo yummy, especially with haupia (coconut) ice cream.


banana, melona & watermelon with haupia ice cream below

Waiola’s in Honolulu (http://www.yelp.com/biz/waiola-shave-ice-honolulu) used to be my favorite shave ice place.  We went there also, and in comparison, Ululani’s now ranks higher!

Hawaii post to be continued….


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