one of my favorite places

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after our relaxing stay in Maui, it was off to one of my favorite places ever — Honolulu, Oahu.  It’s the busiest city in Hawaii by far–tourists out and about everywhere, ABC Stores on every corner, loads of shopping, as well as all of the outdoorsy activities you could want..more on that later 🙂

Our first day there, we casually explored the main street, window shopping..with so many options of food to eat, it was hard to decide what!  We stumbled upon Okonomiyaki Chibo (  I’ve had okonomiyaki one time before, but wasn’t too familiar with it.

“Our Signature Dish:  Okonomiyaki originated from a baked snack made from baked flour and soybean paste. The roots go back to the Edo period. Okonomiyaki became very popular after World War II to help alleviate the food shortage. Over the years, Okonomiyaki has evolved with many variations. The most popular being the Osaka style Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki is basically a “pancake” consisting of flour, egg, cabbage and mountain yams, with ingredients which you can choose off our menu. Once cooked the okonomiyaki is toped off with okonomiyaki sauce, a Japanese version of plum sauce, a mayonnaise sauce, seaweed powder and dried bonito flakes”


There were sooooo many different options on the menu…a little bit daunting, so we got a set menu which, of course included the okonomiyaki,

PEI (Steamed egg & seafood soaked in Japanese consomme) — this sounded interesting.  Steamed egg and soup, and indeed it was good!



as well as fresh poke, shrimp, and filet of beef.



My favorite beach is at Kailua/Lanikai.  It is one of the nicest, white sand, blue water beaches that I’ve ever been to.  The water is so calm and serene..


please click for larger version!

On our way back, we stopped for some a snack, happy times calls for ‘happy fries’.  Cute aren’t they?


I love ramen in Hawaii also as it is slightly different then what we have here.  We tried Ramen Nakamura (  Their signature ramen is their Oxtail Ramen.  SW thought it could have packed a little bit more flavor, but I thought it would be something new worth trying..although I didn’t get it and I stuck with my regular miso butter corn ramen.


huge chunk of oxtail that was accompanied with a ginger dipping sauce


I mentioned that there are also an abundance of outdoor activities to do besides beaches, here is a little glimpse of what I was talking about!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 7.38.15 PM

yes, i’m sort of dorky like that and have a fascination with sharks 😀

Of course I had food stops planned since we were in the north shore => Shrimp Trucks!!

We stopped at Giovanni’s  ( for their “NO Refunds” hot n spicy shrimp.


giovanni’s hot n spicy

I’ve had this one years before, and it was SOO spicy then, I couldn’t even eat it.  Both my love of spicy food and tolerance have increased since then, so I wanted to try it again!  I don’t know if they use lower quality shrimp, or it’s just not ordered often, but these were horrible!!!  They were over cooked and cold, and just did not taste fresh!  I rarely have bad things to say about food I’ve eaten, but they were pretty bad.  Hopefully, it was a bad day and they’re not just relying on their reputation.

There were other ones parked in the same area so, thankfully, we tried some shrimp from a different truck also:

Honos Shrimp Truck (


pineapple shrimp

Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but these shrimp were so big and succulent, and fresh.  They were delicious.  

So good, we ordered another plate..


butter shrimp with kalbi (korean short ribs)

We thought on our last night, we should have a ‘nice’ dinner and went to La Mer @ Halekulani ( Neither of us had heard of either the restaurant or the hotel, but it was a very pleasant time.  Being into food, I probably over researched our options (not probably–I did haha) and their menu grabbed my interest when I saw:

Filet de Bœuf, Sauce Périgueux façon Rossini
Mousseline truffée et Pommes soufflées
Filet of Prime Beef with FoieGras
Truffle Mousseline, Pommes Soufflés and Sauce Périgueux

Yes.  Filet. FG, and truffle.  Need I say more? 😀

The hotel grounds were pretty, and the ambiance of the restaurant was also as well.  Even though it was French cuisine, the decor throughout was ornately carved wood that had somewhat of an Asian theme.


overlooking the beach

We overindulged a bit. again.  seared FG as an appetizer..


..and then of course the filet w/more FG & truffle sauce..


it came accompanied with these little airy potato puffs..not quite sure how to describe it, but they were fried and crispy, but hollow on the inside.  I liked these quite a bit!


their signature coconut cake which was super moist…


PLUS ONE Star for the nice table overlooking the beach.

PLUS ONE Star because our server brought a small stool for my BAG ..yes, I love it when my bag gets its own seat..(i really do). And yes, service was great!

Overall, it was another really enjoyable meal.  Everything was quite delicious, although I must say that Gerard’s Foie Gras was better!


Since we had spent all the pennies in our pockets the night before at La Mer, we had to go for cheap eats our last day before leaving Honolulu, so we went to Mitsu Ken (….Just kidding!  This was on my list of foods to eat!

I love variety, so not surprisingly, I ordered a combo:

IMG_2477 Mitsu-Ken Bento $6.50

Garlic Chicken
Teri Beef
Hot Dog
Egg Omelet
Rice with Furikake
oh my…finally!  It was the perfect last meal before leaving.  I seriously considered getting one to go, to eat on the plane.  All this for $6.50??? no wonder why this place is so damn popular, well besides being good!
What did SW get??  His fourth and final LOCO MOCO!!

Yes, in one full week in Hawaii, this guy had Loco Moco Four times!!!  I was surprised that he could eat it that many times in such a short period of time 😛

My Loco Moco tribute:

image_1 image_7 image_4IMG_2478

top:  da kitchen & aloha mixed plate

bottom:  local food (yes, that’s fried rice below) & MitsuKen

I think of them all, he liked his last one the most at Mitsu Ken the most.

The overindulgence of eating simple local foods as well as everything else yummy (FG X 3)  plus Sun + Fun = good times 😀


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