so cal eats

the jet setting continued after hawaii, as it was down to Staples Center to go to the Lakers Vs. Warriors Game.  It was a fun & fast-paced game and we had really good seats.  I’m not a huge basketball fan, but SW loves sports.  Really loves sports.  I think most sporting events are fun to watch live since you can always feel the energy and excitement, and eat yummy foods such as my ‘taco hot dog’ hehe.


It was neat seeing Steph Curry score 47 points, but in the end, Kobe tore his Achilles and the Warriors lost 😦  No worries though, they still made the playoffs!


Whenever I go to So Cal, the one place I always try to go to is DTF!!! (  Again, those perfectly steamed little dumplings are the best.  The skin is so delicate and thin, and the filling is so juicy and yummy.  They truly are still the BEST.

I had heard of this new milk tea place from MissD called half & half ( and had to check it out since it was pretty close to DTF.

wow..this milk tea was over the top, in other words, milk tea on crack!  i never knew there were so many different things you could add!  decisions. decisions!! ahhh…it was a good thing they had a popular drinks board, so I got the #1 drink — iced milk drink w/pudding + honey boba, and SW got Mango Green Tea with w/Vanilla Tea Latte + Honey Boba.  Both were really good!  It sort of reminded me of the halo halo from Jollibee 🙂


There’s a similar place in the city named Purple Kow that I’ve been wanting to try, but it’s all the way out in the Richmond.  Sadly, I haven’t made it out there yet.  Hopefully soon 😛


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