dinner in a box…not the microwave kind

So as I mentioned previously, new restaurants and new food ideas are always interesting to me and I’ll try them out.  I got a bloomspot email about this new online company called FreshDish (www.freshdish.com) and I thought the concept was pretty cool.  Basically, they come out with a menu of meals that change every week, that you can order delivered to your door.  They are portioned for 2 or 4 people, and in the box, there is the recipe along with all of the ingredients already portioned and cut up.  You just cook it yourself.

It sounded super convenient and takes the trouble out of deciding what to eat, going to the store to pick up all the ingredients…well, you know the drill.  Not to mention, I thought, this would be a good way to experiment with food/ingredients I’m not too familiar with, and you don’t end up with a million different ingredients collecting in the pantry (things are starting to pile up here….)

I am sort of a sucker for bloomspot & living social deals, so when I saw that they were offering a 50% off deal, I thought why not give it a try?  For a dinner for four, with the deal, it ended only up costing only $16…not bad 🙂

My first delivery came yesterday.  The meal I chose was the Southern Polenta Dish (Shrimp with Bacon Polenta and Carrots & Tomato on the side).  Everything needed came neatly packed in a box:


I almost never cook shrimp for some reason and I’ve only had polenta a hand full of times out in restaurants, so I thought this dish would be different to have at home.  This was the first time ever making polenta myself and it was surprisingly easy.  The shrimp was fresh and had the perfect ‘bite’ to them.  I’m glad I didn’t over cook them!  Also, the halved roma tomatos were cooked in the pancetta oil and really tasty as well.  The recipe was pretty easy to follow and I have to say the meal came out pretty good!  Ta da!

shrimp polenta

shrimp on top of pancetta and cheese polenta, with sauteed green onions and tomato, & steamed carrots


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