san diego

i have an obsession with this fuzzy little thing….he’s a baby panda named “Xiao Liwu”, which means “Little Present” in Mandarin.  He was born at the San Diego Zoo last summer and I’ve been wanting to see him for the past 6 months.  What was probably fueling my small obsession is that there is a panda cam.  YES.  a LIVE streaming panda cam.  So I started leaving a page open, watching him (that sounds creepy huh? hahah), just sort of in the background while I’m on my computer during the day.  He seriously is sooo flipping cute.

So rather then making a separate trip to San Diego, we went there directly after our LA trip.

Finally, all these months of watching and watching.  I would finally get to see this little bugger.  Got up bright and early, got to the zoo right when it opened and when we get to the panda exhibit, the lil brat is hiding at the top of a tree! GRRRR. CRY.  What??!! No, come down!!

photo (56)

I didn’t come all this way to see nothing!!

There are lots of people constantly going through the panda exhibit, so you can’t really hang out there for a long time.  doh. fine.  maybe ill come back later.

We ended up looking for some pho and found this place on Yelp that had good reviews:

Pho Fifth Avenue


What do you know?  They have Filet Mignon Pho!  So I had to try it.

photo (55)

filet mignon pho

SW asked if I felt like I was ‘cheating on Miss Saigon’ and I replied, “no way! we’re in San Diego, not SF, so it’s okay”.

I have to say that it was actually really  good.  The broth was hot and flavorful, although I still have to give it to Miss Saigon–their filet mignon is definitely more tender (probably because it’s been beaten to oblivion lol).  What a nice little treat.  Now, if LiWu would just come down from that tree……

Would it be worth it to go back to the Zoo??

Heck.  Why not.

I’m glad we did, because he did come down!! YAAAAY!!

photo (57)photo (56)

photo (57)

He is seriously the cutest thing EVER!  And now, he’s at that toddler age, where he’s super playful and curious.  Biting mom and crawling all over her.  BTW..that white lump behind the tree is his mom hehe.  If I sound a bit crazy about him, it’s because I am 😀

I’m really  h.a.p.p.y.  I finally got to see him in person.  I can’t wait to go back again!

One day, maybe I will make the journey to the real panda factory in China. Okay, I shouldn’t call it a factory, it’s a ‘research’ facility, but they have lots of baby pandy bears there and you can actually hold one of these little fuzz balls!!


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