ahhh…..comfort food

Yesterday I was on the other side of the bay.  I’m rarely ever out there anymore, so the first thing I thought of eating was porridge!  Many of you may know this as “Jook” or Congee, which is the Cantonese style and a lot more common.  This kind of porridge can have a variety of ingredients mixed in such as chicken, or sliced fish, or “thousand year old egg”.


thousand year old egg congee

However, the kind that I am accustomed to eating is the Taiwanese style porridge.  Sadly, there are only two restaurants in the Bay Area that I know of (and both are in the South Bay), so I jumped on the chance to go to:

The Porridge- Mei Garden :  1706 N Milpitas Blvd , Milpitas, CA 95035


I’ve been coming here for at least 15+ years.  While I was in college and would return home for the weekends, I would often want to go there.  Even though it was close to 80 degrees yesterday, that did not deter me–I still wanted it.  It’s not for everyone, especially if you are accustomed to eating the Cantonese style, but I love it!

It comes in a bucket of just plain rice porridge, but with big chunks of yams in it.  Yams?  Sounds like EEWWWW, huh?  Normally, I say no to yams, but I love it in porridge!  You order a bunch of side dishes, and eat them together:


We got: Salt & Pepper& Basil Fried Fish, sliced Chinese Sausage, Sauteed “A” Vegetable, and my favorite, the marinated bamboo shoots.  Everything was really good.  The fish was nicely fried and had good flavor.  I don’t get “A” Vegetable often either, but it was made just the way I like it–sauteed in garlic, and it still retained the veggie’s natural crunch.  We also actually ended up ordering a 2nd plate of the bamboo shoots.  delish!!!  

There are a variety of other authentic Taiwanese dishes that you can also get, such as the Oyster Pancake, Egg + Veggie Omelet, XLB…so many choices + unlimited porridge!

If anyone knows of a Taiwanese porridge place in San Francisco, or closeby there, please do share! 😀


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