my bad habits..

I have to say….I have a bad habit–I love Diet Coke..I know it’s not really that healthy for me, soda + fake sugar, but something about it….After taking the first sip, it’s like ‘ahhhhh….‘ hits the spot  (and yes, I do sometimes make that sound hehe).

So, the way that I went about trying to drink less diet Coke, and to drink more water was to start drinking sparkling water.  I like carbonation/fizz and sparkling water yields almost the same satisfaction as drinking diet Coke, not entirely..but it’ll do :T

I also have this weird thing about’s a Catch-22 because I love having different drinks at home, but feel bad that there ends up being all these bottles and cans piling up.  The perfect solution exists–the SodaStream!!  I was SO excited when SW ordered it online.  We got a pretty RED one, which came in the mail just the other day.  So far it’s been pretty awesome!!  Unlimited fizzy drinks AND no more cans/plastic AND saving the Earth too.  Woot!  We should have totally gotten this ages ago!

photo (57)


My other guilty pleasure — candy!  I almost always buy Haribos when I buy groceries..

Just stopped by Safeway to pick up some dinner, and what do I see?


Hurray!  Smurf Gummies.  They’re NEW!

It’s true what’s written on the packaging:


They are yummy and fun to eat 😀

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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