fun eggs

I randomly stopped in at Ichibankan ( @ Tanforan Mall to kill some time on Sunday before watching Ironman 3 in 3D, which by the way, was AWESOME (and I normally am not into action movies).  That store is bad news bears for me..I can definitely waste a lot of time and money there..all of those cute little trinkets and canisters decorated with cartoons, housewares, etc, I want to buy them all @_@

However, I curbed my desire to buy a lot of unnecessary items, and walked away with only a few small goodies.  Here is one of them:

photo (57)

Cute molds to shape hard boiled eggs!! I didn’t even want to eat hard boiled eggs yesterday, but made some just so that I could try them out.  I fed them to SW to eat 🙂



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