kaka udon kitchen

We recently went to Kaka Udon Kitchen (www.kakaudonkitchen.com). We had driven by this place several times before, and I was always curious to try it because there are so many ramen restaurants these days, but I haven’t seen any that focuses on udon. Theirs is fresh made and you can see it being made right when you walk in:

handmade udon

You can customize your udon with different types of broths (curry, miso, pork, etc) & different toppings (spam, croquette, beef, etc). And if you don’t want to make your own, there are the specialty udons you can try, such as the Japanese BBQ Pork udon below.

bbq pork

Japanese BBQ Pork

curry udon

Curry Udon with a side of
Suki Beef

I chose to make my own with the curry broth and a side of suki beef. This udon was similar to eating Japanese curry, but in a noodle soup version. It also had chunks of potato and carrots.  The suki beef was a nice side to mix in or eat alone–thin slices with a bit of sweetness. This flavor broth is a good choice if you like Japanese Curry.

The food is extremely reasonably priced and they are open late –> until 2AM everyday!

Aside from the udon, they also have all the usual Japanese restaurant fare — rolls, nigiri, sashimi.


hamachi kama — REALLY
tender and generous portion! It was probably one of the best ones
we’ve had

volcano roll

Volcano Roll: Fresh salmon
over California roll with crab meat, baked to perfection



Spicy Tuna Roll, Hamachi
Roll, Spicy Hamachi Handroll

The udons that we had are a bit similar to what you’d find in ramen, the toppings & broths…perhaps next time I’ll go for a more standard udon broth to compare 🙂


here is my quick, at home version, when I want something easy, using items that I have stocked most of the time: frozen udon (still nice and chewy), concentrated udon broth, soft boiled egg, corn, kimchi, sliced fish cake, and dried wakame (seaweed) underneath, usually garnished with green onions, but none that day:



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