italian wednesdays


Wednesday nights are ‘date nights’, and coincidentally, last night and the previous Wednesday, we had Italian!  Yum!

Last Wednesday, we went to Zuppa (  It’s really close by, but somewhat tucked away–you enter down a small, alley street.  The ambiance has an open warehouse-ish feel.  Service was good and attentive.  It was my first time there.

We started with the Funghi Pizza:


Then entrees included:

pork chop

pork chop


Ragu di Campagna trenne pasta, pork ragu, broccoli, cacciocavallo cheese

I love meat sauce pastas, but rarely order them in restaurants, probably because I can make something similar at home 😛   I thought since this one one had a different kind of pasta–trenne pasta or ‘triangle’ shaped, I would try it, and indeed, it was delicious!  You almost can’t ever go wrong with ragus hehe


We also got a side of:


Barbietola roasted beets, lemon, basil

Beets are always good too.  Is it me, or do the red ones always taste the same everywhere you go?  Whether it’s packaged from the grocery store, or from a restaurant.  Maybe my palate just can’t detect the difference hah.  The food overall was not bad!..Super close, I’d go back.


Last night, we went to Piccino (  We’ve been several times, and the food has always been solid.  I like that their menu changes frequently to go along with the seasons, so it’s great if you like to try to new things.  Although it too serves Italian cuisine, opposite of Zuppa that has a warehouse feel, Piccino, on the other hand, is located in an old barnhouse type building.  I was first introduced to this place by my friend DK, when we stopped by to grab coffee next door.  It has a big roll up door, and gives it that nice country feel, as if you’re ordering from a stand 🙂

We started with the:

garden greens, fennel, shallot — citrusy and very fresh tasting


stracciatella soup, garlic chives, olive oil– it looked like it would be a very light soup, but it was tasty even though it was mostly broth and egg.  Stracciatella = variety of egg drop soup usually said to be “alla Romana” (“in the style of Rome”)


and then got :

pork and beef polpette, crushed tomatoes, parmesan — yum!  polpette = Italian Meatballs



pappardelle, english peas, spring onion, farmer’s cheese, walnuts, dill — tasted very fresh and spring like, with a citrusy taste also.


as well as a their funghi pizza: roasted mushrooms, stracchino, shaved garlic.  But, doh, I forgot to take a photo.  I liked their funghi pizza more then Zuppa’s.  It was smothered with a nice mushroom paste, and the pizza itself was thin and extra crispy!  You could also really taste the garlic –>which i Love.  You can also dress it up by adding an egg, although our served missed this request 😦


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