would you eat LION?? as in..the lion king?

i saw this last night, also on insidescoop SF..and was shocked that anybody would ever fathom eating such a majestic and regal animal — the LION.  Or that a restaurant, especially in the Bay Area would be dumb enough to try serving it!

the only thing that makes sense is for the consumer to be able to say that they’ve tried it, but come on!!!!!  That’s just weird and there are just some things that should never be eaten, and lions are one of them!!


look at this face! he’s saying..’please don’t eat me!’

Anyways..I’m glad the outcry against the $70 Lion Skewers has stopped the restaurant Mokutanya from serving it.  The restaurant is near my office, and I Ihad thought about trying it previously.  Well now I’m glad I haven’t!  They say the public is ‘not ready’..well guess what.  I don’t think we ever will be!


Burlingame restaurant stops selling lion meat: ‘The public at this moment is not ready’

Posted on 05/21/2013 at 9:03 am by Paolo Lucchesi in Controversy
The lion skewers. Photo: Facebook

The lion skewers. Photo: Facebook

Following a massive outcry last week, Burlingame Japanese restaurant Mokutanya has taken lion off its menu.

The controversial meat, while not illegal, prompted a social media flurry after the yakitori-centric restaurant announced the promotion on Facebook. On Sunday, three days later, the Mokutanya released this statement and half-apology:

As of tonight, we will stop the sale of our lion meat skewers for an idefinite [sic] period of time. The decision was based upon the fact that the public at this moment is not ready for this type of offering, which is obviously voiced out on our Facebook page. Mokutanya would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those that may have been offended from this event.

Mokutanya began selling the $70 lion skewers last week, as part of its weekly exotic meat specials. The backlash apparently went beyond complaints though; according to ABC, Mokutanya owner Jason Li Mokutanya received threats as well. Earlier this month, a similar story played out in Florida, where restaurant offered lion tacos on its — and then quickly backtracked.

Anshu Pathak, who claims to have supplied the lion meat to Mokutanya, tells Scoop via email that he sells lion meat for $200 per pound.


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