“i’ve got the golden tiiiiicket…”

so, it’s someone special’s birthday…

yes, it’s SW’s birthday and we are off to Sin City (Vegas, baby!) this weekend! While I was planning it, I was looking for somewhere interesting to eat.  2 months in advance, and Joel Robuchon and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon are booked already..really?? I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. And I thought I was an early planner 😛

I stumble upon: é by José Andrés (www.ebyjoseandres.com)

I’m not too familiar with José Andrés, but I did recall seeing him on the Anthony Bourdain ‘No Reservations’ episode on El Bulli, which some say was the world’s best restaurant..i never got to try it 😦

There’s no info at all on the restaurant’s website, just an email address and that it’s located within the Cosmopolitan…not even a phone number.

hmm…very mysterious.

The only info you can find regarding the cuisine, or of the ‘show’ as they like to call it, is what the previous diners have shared online on Yelp or TripAdvisor. You must fill out a form before they will confirm the reservation, and then you will receive a golden ticket for each diner.  There is a maximum number of people allowed per seating –eight.

hmm…even more interesting.

I must admit..the more gimmicky, secretive, or ‘unique’ something sounds, the more intrigued I am….

So of course after reading all this, I thought it would be something different, and hopefully just an overall fun and memorable experience for us both to share. I sent in my reservation form, and today, I received our GOLDEN TICKETS! 😀

golden ticket

I will be sure to document it all and will share when we return. Until then…have a nice day 😀


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