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hello all!

So this is long overdue, but finally I’ve had some time to share our experience at é by José Andrés! I must say that it was an amazing dinner! Being the researcher that I am sometimes, I did a bit or reading before going, so I had an idea of howthe experience would be. I shared very little with SW, as I wanted it to be a surprise, and also for him to not have any sortof expectations 😀

As most other diners beforehand have shared, we checked in at the Jaleo Restaurant (www.jaleo.com/las-vegas), which, by the way also looked quite interesting. Jaleo’s menu is more of the traditional tapas style, and I think we would have tried it also, after our delightful experience at é if we had a bit more time. We were first seated in Jaleo with a few other diners that would be part of our é seating. They were from all from other parts of the country: Boston, LA, and New York. One guy was a ‘super foodie’ and you
could tell he was really excited about our dinner and very inquisitive to know if we had tried a bunch of the well known restaurants in the Bay Area.  Wow, someone who likes food more then me??

When all the diners had arrived, we were all led as a group into the dining room of é, located in a back room of Jaleo. The decor was very eccentric and sort of odd, but I felt that just added to the ambiance to make it more unique.

IMG_2813 IMG_2814

The eight of us (max number of diners per seating) all took our seats surrounding the counter in which the food would be prepared/plated before us. The chefs and servers were all very friendly and it made the experience a lot more intimate as we were able to talk to them and ask them questions. They told us a little background behind each dish before presenting them to us..

First up, we started with: a smoking cocktail..hey, can’t complain about this!



Then, the plates began with a
couple DESSERTS!


24K Gold Flakes on top of
Truffle Cotton Candy + Idiazabal Macaron


Apple “Brazo De Gitano” —
Yummy crispy exterior and gooey interior. Loved the apple sauce on


Then came the savory small

Nitro Almond
Cup – Outer shell was a cold buttery texture



Barquillo – wafer


Mejillones in Escabeche –
Marinated Mussels


Merienda – “a light


Crispy Chicken Skin En
Escabeche – the bottom crispy part tasted like a


Cava Sangria — I thought
this was pretty cool. It was sangria suspended in a gelatinous
exterior — similar to ‘popping boba’


Artichoke Puree with
Vanilla – the artichoke balls were quite tasty!


Lobster with Citrus
& Jasmine Foam


“Fabes” Con Jambon – Fava
Beans with Ham and Black Garlic Puree –this was really good too,
especially with the soup


“kokotxas” Al Pil-Pil –
Cod ‘jowels’ with squid ink — this was an interesting dish, as
I’ve never had fish jowels. It was still good.

Next presented was the whole lobe of salt crusted Foie-Gras…our favorite. But boy was I dumb!  I always thought the piece of foie gras served was the whole piece/entire size of it, until Renee showed us what an entire piece actually looks like! EEK…definitely did not know they could get that big..it’s kind of crazy!

IMG_2844 IMG_2845

Secreto of Iberico Ham with Squid and
Parsley Foam

IMG_2848 IMG_2850


Savory Dishes complete, it was
on to Cheese and more Desserts!


Torta Pasqualete with Cotton Candy –
We pushed the top part into the bottom so that it would mold
together. I really enjoyed this cheese dish because of the cool
texture. Only now, I find out it was surprisingly made of sheep’s
milk (which I usually don’t like)

Next came a Flan with orange icy bits
on top. This was cool and refreshing!

IMG_2857 IMG_2859

Pan Con Chocolate…yes, when it was
done being prepared, it did in fact look like a pile of dirt!

IMG_2861 IMG_2864

“Arroz Con Leche” – nice and
crispy and creamy!



Cocoa Paper with Dried


25 Second Bizcocho +

At the end
of dinner, we were each presented with a copy of the


and each signed the  guestbook!

It was overall, one of the best dining experiences (and I’ve probably said this a couple of times before) I’ve ever had the pleasure of having!  Both the presentation, its ‘avant-garde’ menu, and even just the overall atmosphere was truly unique. Its also nice to
know that the menu does evolve and change every few months, so if we were to go again, it would be a different experience! In
comparison to other dinners we’ve been to within the same price range, totally worth the $!

Thanks for reading!


é guest # 6562


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