more vegas eats..

yes, there was this cool looking Chinese noodle place in our hotel…just down stairs.  I couldn’t resist.  Had to try it.  It looked too cool.

IMG_2926 IMG_2928

the walkway into the restaurant were two rows of fish tanks, filled with goldfish!

While SW was at his golf lessons (the reason why we went to vegas in the first place), I enjoyed an delicious bowl of beef noodle soup by myself 🙂



With nothing planned for dinner Saturday night, we somehow wandered back to an SF spot…..

Michael Mina in the Bellagio


I know after finding out just the previous night at how monstrously big the foie gras gets, that we should have maybe avoided it..but nope, instead, we end up at a restaurant with an FG loaded menu.  Sort of ironic since FG is banned were Michael Mina restaurants first started.  Good thing anything goes in Vegas…well…..almost anything 😛


IMG_2961 IMG_2893 IMG_2963  IMG_2964IMG_2965

From Top Left:

maine lobster ravioli maine lobster ravioli, english pea, citrus brown butter

hudson valley foie gras, cherry, rhubarb, pain perdu

certified angus beef filet

“three seas” tasting of japanese fish, bamboo rice, ginger vinaigrette

foie gras rice

i need to go on a diet!

anyhow, the weekend is here!  Enjoy!


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