KEIKO a nob hill X 2

i hate to say it…but i’ve been spoiled when it comes to eating out.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have the best eating partner in the world — SW, and I am very appreciative that he takes me out and enjoys food as much as I do!

we went back to KEIKO À Nob Hill ( on Wednesday, just because, and this time was better then the first time.  I would say, many parts of the meal were amazing.  For those not too familiar with this restaurant, it’s French cuisine with a slight Japanese influence.  Its name probably gives that away 😛

The first time we went, which was back in February, we got the wine pairings…it was a fun and enjoyable night, but looking back we realized, maybe there was just a little too much wine because we didn’t remember the meal afterwards.  boo.

front entrace interior

First little taste was the amuse bouche…

amuse bouche

it was mushroom flavored and it was *so* good.  I could have eaten probably 5 more of those!

Our first course….

onion mousse

Caramelized Onion Mousse with Uni, Osetra Caviar, Scallop Tartar, ‘Dashi’ gelee, Cherry blossom smoke

When you lifted the top off of it, you could really see smoke, and smell it too–like a wood burning fireplace.  This dish was really good also.  All the flavors I love!  The onion mousse gave it a slightly sweet flavor and there was a mixture of different textures from the scallops, the mousse, uni, caviar and gelee.  Mmmm…

2nd Course

mintsoup2 mint soup

English Peas and Mint Soup with bacon, fromage blanc mousse, served with a warm little brioche

This dish interestingly enough was a cold soup, but the mixture of the the flavors, combined with the warm brioche was quite good also.  It was definitely something I’ve never had before, which I liked.  Even the brioche was tasty and perfectly baked on its own.

3rd Course

lobster ravioli

Lobster Ravioli, 3 kinds of sauce with Maiitake Mushroom

I loved this dish also!!  What’s hidden under the foam are a lobster ravioli, lobster and maiitake mushroom. yuuuum…

4th Course


Lamb ‘Persillade’ with nappa cabbage, eggplant gratin, sweet pepper confit

It was a piece of lamb wrapped with a lamb sausage on the left, and the cabbage and eggplant grain on the right.  I normally do not like or have ever ordered lamb, but this one was actually okay.  Perhaps, I’m getting more accustomed to the taste?  Of all of the dishes, this was the only savory course that did not wow me like the others.

What did WOW me, and may have forever changed me was the next course.

5th Course


Wagyu Filet from Japan, this is what I’ve always imagined wagyu from Japan to taste like.  The one experience i had before was the Australian wagyu from Alexander’s Steakhouse, aka, my tiny little meat nugget (see my post:  speaking of salts  I was disappointed that time because I had heard of descriptions of wagyu as having a’melt in your mouth’ texture and it tasted pretty much like a regular steak.

Anyhow, this Japanese wagyu was AMAZING and indeed its texture was melt in your mouth.  Its accompaniments were a great combo of crunchy textures which included bean sprouts, a spicy foam sauce (there may have been some ghost pepper in it!), as well as a dab of togarashi (Japanese chili pepper flakes) to give it an extra kick.  I jokingly declared to SW, I’m ONLY eating Japanese wagyu from now on!

Even the next day…reflecting back on our delicious meal..I wondered if I could get my hands on some Japanese wagyu myself.  Perhaps that would be my next cooking challenge?  I did find a market in San Francisco that sells it.  So we’ll see!

Savory courses complete, it was onto desserts.

5th Course


Pineapple and Mango Parfait with Coconut mousse

This was a really delicious and refreshing dessert.  A crystalized sugar ‘cap’ came on top, and then we cracked it into pieces into the parfait.  The flavors again were a perfect combo, along with the a nice mix of textures.

6th Course

cherry dessert

Cherry and Pistacchio Chiffon with chocolat and cherry sorbet, Marscapone cream

very visually pleasing dish.  the flavors were very contrasting to the previous dessert and also very chocolatey.

and lastly..



dacquoise:  a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream

a nice little treat to end another amazing meal!

menu 2card


bon soir!  we shall meet again.


2 thoughts on “KEIKO a nob hill X 2

  1. I just read your report, you had so many dishes, look each dish , very small, right? Fine food, hope keep your good figure

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