home made crusteacean’s crab..made by Me!

so after a weekend of eating lots of really heavy food, Sunday night SW wanted some crab…perhaps another feast at Crustacean’s? (iheartfoodsss.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/crustaceans/)

I thought to save some $, it would be fun to make it myself at home!  I’ve made a Crustacean’s inspired roasted garlic pepper crab before (several years ago) and I thought now would be a good time to do it again.

We happened to be near by Chinatown so we were able to pick up our ingredients while taking a stroll around.  For some reason, walking around Chinatown never gets old for me and I still find it to be really fun looking at all of the knick-knacks, souvenirs, etc that the vendors are selling. Perhaps it’s nostalgia of my junior high years when I would hang out there with my friends heh.  Yup, that’s probably it.

So, we got everything to make our crab dinner:

— 2 pound live crab.  check.

–noodles to make ‘garlic noodles’.  check.

–some veggie side dish.  check.

I used the recipes from RasaMalaysia.com for both the crab & garlic noodles:




Stir-fry half way and then bake:

cooking crab

The Finished Product:

crab cooked bokchoy

mmm…it came out really good!  The flavors were perfect–super peppery and garlic-y!  SO worth cooking it yourself if you can get fresh crab.  The garlic noodles were really tasty as well.  I’m really excited to share that the entire meal cost less then $20!!!  And just one crab like that in a restaurant (Crustaceans, PPQ, R&G Lounge) would be over $30

Crab:  $5.99/lb = $13

Noodles:  $1.19 per pack

Bok Choy:  $2.00

Garlic, Butter and other seasonings I already had at home.

For this cost, I told SW, next time, he could have a whole crab to himself!…

which means, I’d get a whole one to myself too 😛


roasted pepper crab, sauteed bok choy, garlic noodles


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