wednesday date night at…..

wednesday’s are usually ‘date night’.  last wednesday, we dined at a Michelin Star restaurant, KEIKO Á Nob Hill.

this week (last night), we dined at..

(drumroll please…..)

RED LOBSTER!!!! haha

after yet another trip to the Golf Mart, someone’s  current favorite store…we drove by the nearby Red Lobster.   I’ve only had it once before, and it was probably about 6 or 7 years ago.  I must have liked it then, because i always jokingly comment “Ohhh! Red Lobster!” when passing by, but we never go.  Last night, with no cravings, we finally decided to check it out.  we’re keepin’ it real!! 😛

I figured, it has to be halfway decent right?  Plus, it’s a good deal?  cheesy biscuits + salad + side with every entree


the cheesy biscuits were good..snapped this photo before they all disappeared!

image_2 image_1

everything was actually not bad….

except the lobster part!!!  it was cooked well, but both of ours were way over salted.  I didn’t even finish mine.  boo.

oh well, at least we gave it a shot.

back to Michelin starred restaurants only from now on…


thanks for reading..until next time!


4 thoughts on “wednesday date night at…..

  1. Red Lobster is not in Asia, so when we are in the U.S., Mr. J will bring me there. It reminds him of his university days. : )

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