the weather in San Francisco has been amazing the last week…sunny and hot (mid to high 70s).  I’m loving it!  Last Saturday, I wanted to enjoy the nice weather outdoors and we headed back to the Mission District.  We took a leisurely stroll around while looking for some lunch.  it started getting pretty warm, so what better way to cool down then a refreshing watermelon juice drink!  yum!

we continued our stroll, and finally decided that maybe that was the day to finally try the wildly popular Mission Chinese Food aka Lung Shan Restaurant (  It looks like just a regular hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint, but hole-in-the-wall places can be pretty awesome.

I’ve driven by it a million times as well flipped through their really fancy looking cookbook and have always been curious about this place.  Seems like very normal Chinese food.  Don’t hate me for saying this..but is it only the white folk who like it??  In order words, maybe not that authentic..regardless, I do want to try it for myself to decide.  I must sound torn haha

we had finally decided on a spot and walk over there only to see the metal gate closed.

doh!  If only we’d known…..


closed for summer vacation?? oh wells.  okay…the walk continues!  mission chinese food, we will meet one day!

we finally decide to stop in at Panchita’s #2, pupuseria and restaurant

we’re at the register giving the cashier our order:

I order the lomo saltado.  SW orders the combo plate with taco, enchilada, rice and beans, and then tries to add a burrito.

The girl taking our order, pauses, and says…’What, there are only two of you?…..because our portions are kind of big’

SW quickly replies..”oh, I’ll take the super taco instead of the burrito.”

omg.  it happened again.  we got cut off!!!!!

As we are waiting for our food, I’m looking at all the signage around the restaurant for their pupusas:  beef and cheese, spinach and cheese, mushroom and garlic, etc..

and I decide I want to try one (even though the girl tried to cut off our ordering) and go back and add the mushroom and garlic pupusa.

pupusa comes out first.  we gobble it down, as it is already close to 3pm.  I thought it was okay…it was filled with a mushroom paste.  didn’t taste much garlic.  good thing it came with a salsa, otherwise by itself it was pretty bland.

and then, the wait begins.  we see more people streaming in.  no one has food.  they are definitely understaffed.  20 minutes goes by.  still no food.  after i’m not sure how long, finally it comes:

lomo saltado

super taco taco plate

top:  lomo saltado

bottom: super taco (Hefty portion); taco and enchilada plate

i asked for no beans..but obviously they were busy, and didn’t the note.  the rice was really good.  the lomo saltado, not so much.  the meat was tough like cardboard and bland.    I guess it can’t always be wagyu 😛  (kidding, and yes, I’ll stop talking about wagyu)  SW really enjoyed his food though, which I’m happy about!


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