seafood monday

i visited SW for lunch yesterday and we walked around looking for some nearby food.  (I guess this is quite a common occurrence haha)

We ended up walking by RN74 (, and since he started working at his new job, he’s been raving about how the artic char there is the best piece of fish he’s ever had ‘in a restaurant’…how smart of him to add the ‘in a restaurant’ part 😛

We look on the menu, and indeed it is being served for lunch that day, so in we go..

The first thing we see is this display:


how funny.  Tshirts that say ‘Legalize Foie Gras’

Makes sense considering how many FG items there were at Michael Mina’s Vegas Restaurant

(see post:  more vegas eats —

He must be a hardcore advocate of foie gras!

rn74 rn742

we shared the lobster salad.  the beans on the bottom looked like they were heavily dressed, but they actually weren’t!  I guess Mike knows what he’s doing!  the salad had a light lemony zesty flavor, and the combination of textures–crunchiness of the beans and the fried prosciutto along with the chewiness of lobster, made it that much more enjoyable to eat!  Only recently have I begun to  understand and appreciate the balance of different textures and flavors and how it is a skill to create good combos!  Before, I would just shove it in my mouth and munch away hah

main lobster

We each got:


artic char

and yes, it was delish!  Similar to the lobster salad, it was a great combo of different flavors and textures and they all went really well together!  I’m happy I finally got to try it.  and….not to mention, it was a surprisingly generous portion!  no wonder why he liked it so much ;P

As we are leaving..we walk past the shirts again, SW couldn’t resist it, so I now own one!


Thanks SW for bringing me there!


After an unexpectedly yummy lunch, I got a call from some friends that they had extra oysters and invited me over for dinner!

they made a scrumptious pot of clam chowder using Hog Island’s recipe (, a super popular oyster farm and restaurant in SF & the bay area.  I was excited because their clam chowder happens to be my absolute favorite!!


they also made a shallot mignonette which was the perfect topping for the oysters.  SO good..I’ve sort of been wanting oysters, so I was really excited.  They were meaty juicy little suckers.  very tasty.  slurp slurp slurp!

the clam chowder tasted almost exactly like what you’d get in the restaurant!  manilla clams, bacon, chunks of potatoes, carrots…MMM…I also like this version because it’s thin, and not the really chunky type and the bacon adds a great flavor.  I even got some to take home 😀



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