so, in my last post, i ended with the question, ‘could the weekend possibly get any better?’

well, it sure did!

SW thought it was be nice to take a weekend getaway for a night to a resort named CordeValle (, located in a small town named San Martin.  I’ve lived in the South Bay for a good part of my life, and never even knew about this tucked away little gem.  It’s probably less then 30 minutes south of San Jose, but it felt like you were someplace else….in a very good way.


main lobby

we were both beyond impressed with this boutique resort.  we’ve stayed at some nice places (not to sound snobby), but the hotel hospitality here is by far the best I’ve ever experienced.  let’s just say the feeling was comparable to as if you were staying with friends and you didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything.

our little bungalow:


there was a lot of attention to detail–from the bottle of red wine, housemade olive tapenade + snacks awaiting us in the room, to the beautifully serene grounds, we didn’t want to leave.

photo (65)

we had dinner at their more formal restaurant, Il Vigneto and sat in their open patio.  i’ve been craving more oysters since I last had them at our friends’ home–didn’t get enough!  so to start:


oysters topped with osetra caviar + a little pinot grigio wine — you could truly taste the oyster’s natural flavors.  first time i’ve had it without some sort of citrus, mignonette, or cocktail sauce


SW’s surf and turf — filet was huge. SW enjoyed this dish a lot!


special: halibut with bay shrimp, tomatoes, avocado + chili oil. i knew i would order this as soon as our server said ‘chili oil’ hah. fish was super moist and perfectly cooked! its different accompanying flavors also made it interesting to me. i rarely see fish prepared with avocado, chili or tomatoes.


mushroom ragout + corn with pearl onions — i am always enticed when i see these two sides!

to make the dinner even more enjoyable and fun……..

we got to have unlimited smores afterwards!  mmmmm….so fun and nostalgic of when we were young.  convenient also because we were seated right next to a fire pit 🙂


Lunch the next day was at the resort’s One Iron Bar.  Again, we were able to enjoy their outdoor seating, overlooking the golf course.


Housemade Chili Lime Chips + Ranch Dill popcorn — both my weaknesses. I could have kept eating these. Who needs lunch???!!

okay, I suppose I should eat a semi-proper lunch and opted for the BLT sliders + garlic fries.  love garlic fries.  I was done eating the first slider, thinking they were normal sliders and they forgot the patty, before I realized there wasn’t supposed to be any.  where has my head gone?? lol.  silly me!

blt sliders

In the morning, SW said he would have a club sandwich for lunch, and that is exactly what he got:

club sandwich

So sad that we had to leave…but wait, there’s just a little more.  I got to enjoy their awesome spa with a relaxing massage — not surprisingly, they really cater to you there as well.  4 music choices available to suit whatever I was in the mood for.  SW got to go to their driving range and hit balls for free — for him,  you can’t beat that!

On our way home, we stopped by to visit my brother.  What to eat?  He chooses Mexican food, and of course I use trusty old Yelp to find a good spot.

Boy, did we find a good spot.  Located in seedy strip mall, and thereby adding to its authencity, Mariscos La Costa got a raving 4.5 stars on Yelp (

I was amazed at how ‘wallet friendly’ their food was….

la costa sign

Tacos for $1.25?? wait, is that cheaper then Taco Bell??

Burritos with meat for $4.50??? their obviously new signage reflected increased prices (smart of them! make that $).  they used to only cost $3.75.  seriously?…

as if i didn’t have enough.  i couldn’t resist.  again.  i’ve never seen oysters for $1.35.  That’s regular price.  not happy hour price!  I had to get two in addition to my carne asada burrito.  they were huge.  but very fresh.  very good coming from a little walk up window. hahh


hole in the wall joints are awesome!


again, i am very thankful to SW for spoiling the hell out of me ❤


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