july 4th bbq

ahh..independence day.  gotta love it.  the first things i think of are:

1.  holiday.  WOOT

2.  BBQs!!!  double WOOT

but we should, or least I should, take a minute to appreciate what Independence Day is all about.  SW asked me over the weekend if I take our country’s independence for granted, and without hesitation, I responded “Yes”.  We’ve grown up having freedom to do and say as we please (as long as it’s not illegal), and to know that we live in a mostly safe country.  I know that even with all the bad things that have been happening in the last several years, I never once doubted that we wouldn’t be okay..’everything will be okay!’  so thank you to all the people (military mostly) that are out there making sure this little fatty always feels safe.

okay, well onto July 4th..

it was a nice ‘touristy’ day.  I spent it with my half siblings and their little cousins visiting from Arizona.  There’s no ocean in Arizona, so what do you do?  We go on a nice Red & White Fleet bay cruise, leaving from Fisherman’s Wharf and cruising out to under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Even living in San Francisco, I always still find it fun to do these sorts of activities.  Touristy as they may be, it’s a different perspective of the city that we don’t see everyday.

photo (59)

view of SF from the boat

photo (62)

‘the Rock’ — Alcatraz Island

For dinner, where do you go to eat that is representative of San Francisco?  Boudin’s of course!   It’s ‘San Francisco Sourdough’ (www.boudinbakery.com)

What did i get??

Their crab feast:  one whole dungeness crab, caesar salad PLUS a side of pasta (I shared all of this).

photo (63)

the crab was a big one!  everyone was done eating, and there i was….still cracking crab and handing it off.  lol.  I have to say, this is the simplest way I’ve ever had it–boiled and served with melted butter.  I do prefer it prepared Asian style over this way because it has a lot more seasonings (you know, butter plus garlic, pepper, etc…yum) 😛

After dinner, it was a perfect night to watch the fireworks show!  the winds disappeared and it was a beautiful clear night.  we had a front row seat off the pier and were able to catch the best views..

photo (61)photo (60)


What’s July 4th, without some good old BBQ?  The next day, it was off to a friends’ place to celebrate our country’s independence.  My contribution:

pasta salad

Tomato Basil Pasta Salad

i guess you can say, it wasn’t your typical BBQ fare.

SW’s contribution:


Chantal Guillon Macarons

For 4th of July, Chantal Guillon (chantalguillon.com) made special ones that had red and blue stars on them!

Our friend brought a ‘Secret Dish’…..I was so curious to find out what it would be.  i would have never guessed bone marrow.  people eat this at home???!!  this bbq was straight ‘fancy’ style:  there were no burgers and hot dogs (surprisingly!), but there was bone marrow + macarons! hah

bone marrow

Bone Marrow…all gobbled up

i love bbq’s!!!

could the weekend possibly get any better????


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