last thursday, i was able to catch up with MissP for a ‘girls date night’.  yay!  we thought we’d check out the new:

Roka Akor Restaurant –steak | seafood| sushi


She’s been to the location in Arizona, and I’ve been to the one in SF once recently, but didn’t get to order all the pretty looking food they serve.  We get there only to discover they are closed for a private party.  boo.

We end up wandering over to Bocadillos, a tapas restaurant (  It had a really nice, almost romantic feel.  i wasn’t too hungry..and I don’t think she was either so we start with a couple dishes:

photo 1

early girl tomatoes, charred peppers, garlic confit, scallions

photo 2

halibut ceviche, key lime, thai chile, watermelon

photo 3

corn fritters, manchego, chorizo, tomatillo salsa

and then add:

photo 4

niman ranch bavette steak, chimichurri, black pepper

It ended up being the perfect amount of food.  I really enjoyed all of the tapas, although I recall the halibut ceviche actually being a little bit too citrusy/sour.  Odd because I love sour & tart.  I did like the yellow watermelon slices on the bottom which helped add some sweetness.

Corn fritters always catch my attention and the bavette steak was very tender.  The portions were quite large for ‘tapas’, and it was a good thing we didn’t go overboard with ordering.  Overall, it was a great mix of dishes.  Afterwards we wandered over to Naked Lunch to play a video Basketball game where you shoot hoops and try to score as many points.  MissP calls it ‘pop-a-shot’, but I forget what it was called!  So fun!! I wish I had one at home. 😛

Overall a great time with my buddy MissP!!


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