tourist in san francisco for the day

one of my oldest and best friends from high school mrC came up to the city on Sunday from the south bay. I ask him where he wants to go for lunch, and since we happen to be in the Fisherman’s Wharf/Ghiradelli Square area, he says he wants Irish Coffee from:

Buena Vista Cafe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s been an San Francisco establishment since 1886, and is known for their Irish coffees which they began serving in 1952, sometimes up to 2,000 a day.  Every single person in the cafe is drinking one!

Fill glass with very hot water to pre-heat, then
Pour hot coffee into hot glass until it is about
three-quarters full. Drop in two cocktail sugar
Stir until the sugar is thoroughly
Add full jigger of Irish Whiskey for proper
taste and body.
Top with a collar of lightly whipped whipping
cream by pouring gently over a spoon.
Enjoy it while piping hot., I’m the one that lives in SF, and I’ve neither heard of this place, nor had I ever heard of Irish coffees either. thanks mrC for introducing me.

by the way, we have a running joke where we call each other ‘tu bao zi’, loosely translated from Mandarin meaning country bumpkin. whenever we happen to chat about something that the other doesn’t know, we claim that we are ‘tu’ and don’t get out much. so far, i’m the ‘tu’ one..and apparently the tourist.

irish coffe

vista’s famous irish coffee — coffee, Irish whiskey, whipped
crab melt

I didn’t expect it to come open faced like this..mrC did preface before coming that the Irish coffees were good, didn’t know if the food was..this was just okay.

We end up sharing a table with a few older folks…such a fun time chatting it up with them! They were so friendly and it was as if we’d known them for years. I was thinking the whole time, I can only wish I have their energy when I’m their age! Even our server was a delight and full of personality. I have to say, the Irish Coffee was definitely something new for me. I’m not a big whiskey drinker, so it took a little getting used to the taste. After lunch, we bid farewell to our new friends, and head out…where to go now? what to do? somehow, mrC mentions ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in Pacific Heights.

me: what’s that?

mrC:  you’ve never heard of it? it’s where people like Larry Ellison, the Gettys, etc have homes in San Francisco

me: oh.  well, i don’t really ever have a reason to go to Pac Heights!  There’re no restaurants or stores or anything which would bring me there.

mrC: let’s go check it out

me: okay

(i know this is a food blog, but today, i digress!)

mrC drives us over. parks the car outside of this house. looks like its a nice house, contemporary for the neighborhood and almost modest in size in comparison to some of the ginormous homes. and so, our walking tour begins with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s house:

larry ellison

Larry Ellison’s house

across the street:


See the robot above the garage? Supposedly waters their plants.  It’s actually quite large, but its hard to tell its size since the house is so big!

continuing past:


the Getty’s home — where president Barack Obama has gone to attend fundraisers

walking towards the end of the block and down the steps, we come to:


one of the ‘hearts’ figures situated throughout san francisco


which also happens to be outside of senator Diane Feinstein’s home — dual camera’s on top of the house!

i’ve never walked around this area, and it was interesting to see how one of kind each home is…


water falls and fish tank in the front entry!

fishtank house

big house

wow, this was a huge home..WHAT do people do with all that space?!!


the spectacular view from Pac Heights, Palace of Fine Arts in the background — life sure
seems nice from up here!

How he knows this stuff, i have no idea! i’m impressed. (actually he said he’s read up on all of it) funny, because there i was the one taking pictures, like a tourist. at least i didn’t have a camera dangling around my neck lol
at the end of the day:
me to mrC:  thanks for showing me around SF today.

3 thoughts on “tourist in san francisco for the day

  1. I enjoyed your post and the photos. Thanks for sharing. I have been to SF a number of times but have never visited “Billionaire Row.” What an interesting idea! — Mrs. J

  2. I haven’t seen C for long long time, say hello to him, I even learned some thing from you , and good to see those pictures.

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