another weekend ‘stay-cation’

SW’s buddies wanted to have a nice weekend getaway where we could all hang out and just relax.  initially, the plan was to go to Lake Tahoe, but they decided on somewhere closer and to rent a nice house in Pebble Beach, CA.  I figured SW would be quite excited about this, since Pebble Beach has world renowned golf courses.  So, Friday evening, we, along with our 2 friends carpooled down to meet the rest of them…

we made a pit stop for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that I used to go to quite often in high school and after.  it’s like home cooking for me:

Southland Taste in Cupertino (

They have every Taiwanese dish you could possibly imagine, and then some…from small cold appetizers to noodle soups to rice plates, to the infamous ‘stinky tofu’, and yes.  you can definitely smell it when someone orders it.  PEE-YOU.  Ahh…I wish there was in San Francisco.  Their food is only one $, and that makes it easy to order to your heart’s content.  It was nice going there with four of us, because we were able to get a nice variety or dishes.

By the time we reached the house, and it was quite dark.  Even so, we managed to have an awesome time…hanging out and sitting in the ‘soaking tub’ until the wee hours of the night (more like early morning).  it wasn’t until the next day, when we could finally check out our surroundings..

DSC03450 DSC03453 DSC03455 IMG_3554 IMG_3555



While the boys went to golf, us girls hung out around the house, and then took a little trip to Carmel downtown.  It’s quaint and cute with lots of boutique stores.  The weather was overcast.  Boo.  But it was still a nice walk and lots of people out and about.  If only it’d been sunny!

Afterwards, it was back to the house to prepare our dinner…somehow, SW volunteered to cook everyone dinner..and then it became something I decided to take on instead!  I thought “What would be easy to make?”, and I could delegate some cooking/bbqing to someone else?  The vietnamese pork chops + garlic noodles + broccoli seemed to be a good idea.  Oh, and lettuce cups as an appetizer.  Everyone always likes those!  SW and I got all the ingredients before heading down, and we prepped everything beforehand, which made it quick & easy to prepare that Saturday evening.

So, with the boys grilling my pre-marinated pork chops, me + a very helpful helper prepared the garlic noodles, broccoli, and lettuce cups.



grilled Vietnamese Pork Chops



garlic noodles


lettuce cups

I must admit, I was quite nervous..i tend to over think things.  Will this be too out there?  Not your standard, pasta, hamburgers, etc.  Also, it was the first time cooking for that many people.  Usually, it’s just SW and i….and he likes everything!  Will my pork chop marinade be flavorful enough? or maybe even too salty?  did I dice the chicken for the lettuce cups well enough?

Luckily, it seemed like everything came out as planned and everyone liked it.  the garlic noodles were a bit mushy, but oh well, still tasty!

the next day, after leaving the house, we headed to Santana Row.  It’s been forever since I’ve been there..I still really like this place.  Again, could be nostalgia for me since this is where I grew up.  I really enjoy the way it looks, with it’s promenades & trees, and everything is outdoors.  the beautifully warm weather is also a plus!  We stopped in at LB Steak ( for lunch.

The ‘entree to get’ seemed to be this burger (i think half of us got it):

grilled pork belly, caramelized onions,
fontina cheese, fried egg

IMG_3557 IMG_3558

I split half of it with SW, who loooooves pork belly.

it was really good..although, i better cut down on the pork belly…..other I might be getting a pork belly soon haha 😛



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