flour + water

it was definitely a busy week last week.  SW got us tickets to see Bruno Mars last Thursday (row 9 baby!!) .  I LOVE BRUNO! (one of my favorite concerts ever, he was awesome), and then somehow scored some last minute tickets to see the Legends of Summer Concert the very next night with Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z.  busy busy and therefore a small hiatus with posts!  but before those, two concerts, last Wednesday I was lucky enough to finally get us a table at:



This restaurant has been on my radar of ‘must try’ restaurants…probably just slightly below State Bird Provisions.  i’ve heard so many good things about it and every time i’ve tried to get a reservation, no matter how far out in advance, the only times ever available are at 5PM or after 10PM.  Sorry!  not the times that I like to eat dinner, and also, I am not really one who likes to get somewhere at 6PM, and then wait 1-2 hours!

I just so happened to be driving by around 6PM, and decided to take my chances and pop in and ask to put my name down, and go back later whenever the table would be ready.  The host asked what time I’d like to eat.  I told him, 8pm.  and just like that, he said it would be okay.  Wow!  Much easier then I thought!!

SW and I returned at 8pm and were seated at the communal table.  Would it live up to the hype?

they had a ‘pasta tasting menu’ which was comprised of mostly pastas, but our server recommended that since this was our first time, to order from their regular dinner menu.


She recommended the Stone Fruit Salad…hm.  Stone Fruit?  what’s that?  a fruit that looks like a rock?? hahah  ok sure, let’s give it a try!


stone fruit salad

stone fruit salad with avocado, salsa verde, ricotta & almonds

it was delicious!!  something completely new & unique, the combination of flavors were really good–slightly salty from the the ricotta and salsa verde, and a little sweet from the fruit.  The stone fruit were good…they’re the red + white, and orange chunks in the salad.  it’s texture was similar to a nectarine, i guess they’re actually related?  I liked it because it was something new.

They are known for their pastas, and so we ordered two to try:



agnolotti dal plin


rigatoni with whey braised pork, fennel buds & summer pepper sofrito

The rigatoni was also REALLY good.  I would go back just to eat that again.  next time, it’ll be one serving for each of us!  (jk).  but yes, the flavors were sooo good together.  i’m daydreaming about the rigatoni right now…I think I will make some pasta for dinner later 😛

I thought the agnolotti was just okay, perhaps it was just outshone by the rigatoni.


salscissa pizza

salsiccia – pork sausage, tomato, peppers, chilli & pecorino + egg

spicy + egg…those alone will do it for me!



roasted leeks with corn & lemon verbena oil

i haven’t seen leeks with corn before, so this too looked appealing!  it was a great side dish.


panna cotta

panna cotta

I forget the exact ingredients of the panna cotta, but it was a great ending a great meal!  There was some sort of herb? in the panna cotta which added to the flavor of the panna cotta, but wasn’t overpowering.  The blackberries and the graham crackers added to a variety of textures.

Overall, flour + water did live up to my expectations!  they still exposed this ‘self- proclaimed foodie’ to new flavors and ingredients, which i love!   I’m excited to go back again and try some of their other dishes!


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