Crazy Crab’z

i’ve mentioned this food item multiple times in the past…..and when SW said we were going to the Giants game, the first thing I thought of and got excited about was the Crazy Crab’z Sandwich!

Last night, we braved the cold SF wind and got to enjoy the SF Giants Vs. Milwaukee Brewers game @ AT&T Park.  (nice summer weather, oh where have you gone?)


We got a great view from the bleachers, and how convenient– the Crazy Crab stand was located right behind our seats!  We built up a slight appetite with a couple of beers to warm us up first..and then it was off to demolish this thing!  Crazy Crab line was by far the longest!

sign assembly line

Crazy Crab Sandwich:  We meet again 😛

IMG_1398 inside

boy…it was just as good as I remembered.  the bread was grilled with butter.  the mayonnaise-y crab mixture + tomato.  mine was fully loaded with crab — yay!  it was soooo good.  seriously, what do they put in these things??  i’ve had other crab sandwiches and nothing has ever stacked up to this one.

we ended up not staying the entire time, because it was too cold, but HEY..Giants Won 4-2 !  Woot!


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