vegas x 2

it’s been a busy few weeks, hence the lack of posts.  i’ve been trying to focus more on work, and less on extracurriculars 😛

…minus last weekend… hah

it was off to Vegas, again.  2 X in just a few months.  slight overload for me, but it was for my friend jC’s bachelorette party, and i couldn’t say no.

upon landing last Friday, we had no set plans for the night.  i know you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about this, but……….what’s the first thing i think of (since we are no longer in California)–some foie gras.  yes, naughty me, I’m still indulging in this guilty pleasure 😦

luckily for me, this group of ‘ladies’ (very tame, classy group of girls), enjoy food as well!

i ask if they will join me in finding a spot that serves FG.  In Vegas, this is not hard to find, and we end up at:


Todd English’s Olives in the Bellagio

We were seated outside on the balcony, overlooking the famous Bellagio water show, which comes on every 15 minutes.  I still enjoy it, because of the variety of familiar music played, but even at 9pm night, it was a scorcher out there!

Just a few of the dishes we shared…


tuna tartare – Spun cucumber salad, crispy rock shrimp, sesame dressing, scallion cream, whitefish caviar


Hudson Valley Foie Gras Steak –Herbed blinis, armagnac butter, caramelized fuji apples, pomegranate syrup
the Main attraction. We ordered TWO. and yes, it was a ‘steak’ size — a nice, generous portion. mmm….got my fix!


Portobello Flatbread– Wild mushroom purée, herb roasted portobello, red onions, fontina cheese, white truffle oil


the view..


after such a delightful experience at é by José Andrés, located within jaleo, i suggested actually trying it out the next night for dinner.

Jaleo (

with more then just a few people, it was great because we were able to try out a lot more dishes.  a friend that was unable to join was kind of to send 2 bottles of champs to our table.


“Arroz Con Costillas De Cerdo Ibérico De Bellota:  made with the ribs of the famous, black-footed ibérico de bellota pig”
this dish was a different take on the traditional paellas that i’ve had, bc of the diff ingredients and flavors


“Aceitunas Rellenas Y Aceitunas ‘ferrán Adrià’: olives stuffed with anchovy and piquillo and ‘ferrán adrià’ liquid olives” in other words, the olives were suspended in a liquid…molecular gastronomy in effect with this tapas


“Ensalada De Coles De Bruselas Con Albaricoques, Manzanas Y Jamón Serrano: warm brussels sprouts salad with apricots, apple and serrano ham”
really enjoyed this dish!


“Salmón Crudo Con Huevas De Salmón: salmon tartare and salmon roe cone”


“Huevo Frito Con Caviar: a fried organic egg topped with caviar”
fried egg & caviar?? must order!


“Patatas Bravas: a jaleo favorite with spicy tomato sauce and alioli”
a classic tapa..and probably the best patatas bravas i’ve ever had! loved the sauces


“Pimientos Del Piquillo Rellenos De Queso Caña De Cabra: seared piquillo peppers filled with caña de cabra goat cheese”


“Dátiles Con Tocino ‘como Hace Todo El Mundo’: fried dates wrapped in bacon”


“Gambas Al Ajillo: the very, very famous tapa of shrimp sautéed with garlic”
the description says it all…really yummy. i wanted to eat them all myself!


“Trigueros con romesco: Grilled asparagus with romesco sauce”


“Rossejat negra con Cigala: traditional ‘paella’ of fried pasta, squid ink, fresh squid, Norwegian lobster and alioli”

jC’s financé also wanted to send some bubbly, but since he was beat to it..sent us desserts instead!


“Flan Al Estilo Tradicional De Mamá Marisa Con Espuma De Crema Catalana: a classic spanish flan with ‘espuma’ of catalan cream and oranges”


“Pan Con Chocolate: chocolate custard with caramelized bread, olive oil and brioche ice cream”

what a nice way to make the bachlorette feel special.  heck.  it made me feel special too!

at the end of our scrumptious meal, i was able to figure out who the food lovers were…strategically positioned in the center of the table, taking photos of each dish, and when everyone else was stuffed, we were still going at it!   me included 😀

the night ended with this….


no more vegas for me for a while!


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