after recently reading Michael Bauer’s top 100 list, and seeing Frances still on the list, I thought it was time for a 2nd visit 🙂


3870 17th Street San Francisco, CA 94114

“At Frances, Chef Melissa Perello’s take on approachable fine dining features a seasonal menu showcasing produce and products from Northern California’s exceptional farmers — all in a comfortable, neighborhood setting.”

It’s still a super popular restaurant and the first available reservation at a decent time was Tuesday, earlier this week (booked 2 months ago!).  I recall really enjoying it the first time around–everything tasted fresh and delicious, including the celery root soup.  Celery root?  yes, it didn’t sound so good, but it sure tasted great (and no, it actually did not taste like celery).  It wasn’t until this 2nd visit, when i was scoping out the menu that I learned Frances holds a Michelin Star.  not bad.  I like that the menu changes, so there are new things to try!


August 20th Dinner Menu

They are known for their bacon beignets, a bouchée, so we had to get them again to start..

bacon beignet

“bacon beignet w/creme fraiche”

followed by some appetizers..

chilled corn soup

“chilled white corn soup, roasted tomato jam, sungold tomato, cornmeal tuile”
i normally prefer hot soups, but this chilled corn soup + tomato jam was a great combo!..not to mention, i like anything made with corn!

squid ink

“squid ink tagliatelle, grilled calamari, summer squash & blossoms, meyer lemon”
the squid was the most tender pieces i’ve ever had. this combo was new and interesting as well!

entrées comprised of…


“half moon bay halibut, shelling bean ragout, lobster mushroom, olive, preserved lemon”
the fish was perfectly cooked. however, after having such flavorful appetizers, unfortunately, this dish seemed a bit under seasoned..

duck breast

“sonoma duck breast, fennel agrodolce, baby kale, roasted figs, spiced duck jus”
this was also perfectly cooked and had interesting flavor profile. SW said it was one of the best duck dishes he’s ever had!

lastly, a side of..


“baked eggplant, early girl tomato, pt reyes mozzarella”
yum yum! eggplant + tomato sauce. it tasted like comfort food!

I can see why Frances still remains one of the city’s hot spots.  The food is great, and the atmosphere still has a casual, neighborhood feel.  it’s “fine-dining with a down-to-earth personality.”


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