tony’s famous pizza

for some reason, i can’t remember how i’d heard of:


1570 Stockton StSan Francisco, CA 94133


but it’s been on my ‘to-eat list’.  i always find it a little funny, like “where have IIIIIIII been???!”, when i hear of gems located right here in SF, and i’ve been totally clueless about it.  yet everyone else has heard of it, even out-of-towners.  So, after a couple unsuccessful attempts to go, 3rd time was the charm, and we finally made it there last Thursday.  I had also been wanting to go because I seldomly go to North Beach, which is San Francisco’s Little Italy.  The area seems fun and lively, little restaurants with outdoor seating, gelato & dessert shops…it’s like a whole ‘nother world.

I’d scoped out the menu before, and with so many different styles of pizzas–we’re talking different ovens + different temperature, thin crust, thicker crust….you name it, i figured we should maybe recruit a couple more people so we could try more! 🙂  Not to mention that this guy, Tony, is an 11 time world pizza champion, and

“has won numerous awards including Best Pizza Margherita at the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy and Best Pizza Romana at the World Championship of Pizza Makers in 2011. Tony was the first American and non Neapolitan to win this coveted award in Naples. ”



Tony’s Pizza in North Beach

We put our name down, and after a mere 1hour 15 minute wait, we were seated in our booth…ready to throw down!  definitely didn’t mind the wait, because there were lots of options to kill time in that area.  we chose to entertain ourselves across the street with a bottle of wine + meat & cheese plate 🙂

For the main event, we started with:

MEATBALL GIGANTE w/Marinara Sauce :limit 25 per day / blend of veal, pork and beef

MMMMM…… sauce.  these were Delishhh…i happened to add this order in after the fact, not wanting to miss out on anything lol

then on to our entrees….

We wanted to try the:

world pizza cup winner naples, italy


limit 73 per day

dough mixed by hand using san felice flour then
proofed in napoletana wood boxes, san marzano
tomatoes D.O.P., sea salt, mozzarella fior di latte, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil

STG Pizza Napoletana Style
900 Degree Wood Fired

of course, they were sold out, so we got something similar:

(gold cup winner international pizza
championships lecce, italy 2008)
burrata, cherry tomatoes tossed with fresh basil,
extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction

Sicilian Style
550 Degree Gas


i’ve always loved margarita pizzas…simple fresh ingredients, this was a great first slice.  perfect crispy-to-chewiness ratio in the dough!


then came, our 2nd pizza.  yes, i picked this one with all the vFancy ingredients 😛

mozzarella, stracciatella, & robiola cheese,
wild mushrooms, truffle oil, speck (smoked cured pork),
piave, arugula

California Style
900 Degree Wood Fired


speck is sort of similar to prosciutto.  you add mushrooms + truffle oil + arugula….always a winning combo for me!


lastly, our most American styled pizza:

(gold medal winner las vegas 2013)
mozzarella, hand crushed tomato sauce,
natural casing pepperoni,
sliced italian fennel sausage, ricotta,
chopped garlic & oregano

Coal Fired
1000 Degree

new yorker

i don’t particularly like sausage, so i picked them off, but other then that….this one was heavenly!! hahah the red sauce was perfect, with a touch of sweetness, but you could also taste the garlic.  the ricotta chunks were so good.  definitely one of the best ‘comfort food’ pizzas i’ve had.

there were leftovers the next day, and even then, this was my favorite of the three!!

i like Round Table every now and then, but Tony’s Pizza definitely kicks their ass any day LOL

i’d go back!! I’d love to try some of their other pizzas too next time!



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