bday festivities

it’s someone’s ’21st birthday’ for the 14th time…yes, yours truly! hah  i feel very lucky and blessed to have so many close friends that have already been helping me celebrate 🙂

The festivities began last week, and continued into the weekend.  Saturday, we had a small dinner with friends at:

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 4.17.10 PM

631 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA
631 Kearny Street

 their ‘signature dish’ —  live deep fried crab with salt and pepper, as well as their ginger & scallions crab yuuum…haven’t had R&G in quite some time, so it was definitely a nice treat.  then if was off to karaoke to sing my heart out at YamaSho.  Probably only SW and one other person there knew beforehand I’m a closet karaoke fanatic 😛  lol

What else could make my bday more special?

The next day it was off to hang out with my favorite people and see my other favorite things — ANIMALS.  Yes, I’m a giant kid, not big kid…giant kid!  MissD thought I would really enjoy going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to celebrate my bday.  She knows me well!  MissD & MissP + boys accompanied me to Discovery Kingdom on Sunday and I had a lot of fun!  Not only did she take me on a romantic elephant ride, just her and i…

IMG_4140 IMG_4141

but I also got to feed some giraffes!


check out their long blue tongues! such fun creatures they are!

watched a cool tiger show, and of course, rode a few roller coasters!  I’m glad I’m not too old for that!


my coworkers took me out today for bday lunch to:

image 2

Sushi Kei

407 Broadway, Millbrae, CA 94030

My first time there and it was pretty good.  There were actually a few items that I’ve never had before, so I thought it was pretty interesting:


beef stew (tender and flavorful), giant clam sashimi + abalone sashimi, which was a first for me. it was really crunchy!  definitely different then the other times I’ve had abalone at Chinese restaurants.


bonito nigiri, ocean trout, hamachi. the bonito was interesting too..that was also another new fish I’ve never had before, and i don’t think i’ve ever seen brown colored fish!


white tuna sashimi


nigiri platter..check out the size of the tamago. i also secretly love tamago, but never order it 😛


chu toro sashimi – nice buttery texture!



succulent + cactus plant from kewpie & purty flowers from my coworker.  (i’ve sort of really been into plants recently hah)





One thought on “bday festivities

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i shouldn’t be reading your food blog this early in the morning – i’m already drooling, and my stomach is growling! mmm, hamachi & toro… and elephant… and giraffe… and its abnormally long black tongue. is sushi kei something i should try? it’s so close to me! more importantly: where is the critique and pics from the dinner?!

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