home made prime rib..just as good as HOPR!


some friends invited us over for bday dinner…i was really looking forward to it because prime rib would be the served!  i LOVE prime rib and this would be the first time having it home-made.  i’d heard good things about it and wanted to see if it would live up the hype 😛

after several hours, slowly roasting to perfection in the oven, it was was finally done.


right out of the oven..looking good with the nice exterior crust

but what would the middle look like?  i love my prime rib medium rare…the way a steak should be served 🙂

and once the first slice was cut, a peek inside and what do we see?….



prime rib isn’t complete without sides…luckily, there were the perfect sides prepared as well!  they had it all covered.

creamy garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and a corn casserole.  my favorites!


look at this!…..drool.


did it taste as good as it looked?  it was amazing!!!  just as good as one of SF’s Most Popular Restaurant’s House of Prime Rib!!  The prime rib was perfectly cooked, tender, and perfectly seasoned.  The sides…mmm…loved them all.  I was super impressed that this was made at home, and couldn’t stop raving about it!  we even got to take the leftovers home!

thanks C&S!!


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