new england lobster company

september is usually a busy month due to lots of birthdays…i guess everyone’s parents were ‘busy’ during the holidays 😛

had another work friends’ birthday lunch last week, and she picked:

photo 2

New England Lobster Company

824 Cowan Road
Burlingame, CA
Office 650-873-9000

I’d never heard of this place, but I guess it’s been there for almost a year..just a couple blocks away from my office!  It began as wholesale seafood supplier, then began selling lobster rolls on their food truck, and now, the best part–they have an eatery!

As you walk in, the “market” is on the left.. where you can buy fresh oysters, as well as frozen goods.


there are tanks with live lobsters, ranging from 1 pound lil guys..


all the way up to 7 pounds!!!! (the big guy below was 6.9 pounds and probably about 2 feet in length)


and within that tank, was an extremely rare ‘albino lobster’.  Apparently, they are only 1 in 100 million lobsters are albino!

photo 1

next to the live tanks, are the not so lucky, frozen lobsters….

and a sign above showing lobster tail sizes, along with their price.

photo 4

after taking a peek at the live section, it was time to have some lunch @ the eatery side!


prices aren’t exactly ‘budget’, but they have a “Short on Cash” Special:  1 lb lobster, slaw, chips & bread for $15.95.  That actually is quite a good deal especially if you’re getting a whole one!

I must say, that I thoroughly enjoy eating w/my co-workers, as they enjoy food just as much as i do.  it’s always a feast!  There is never a shortage, and always a lot of variety –> just the way i like it 😀

We started with a bucket of cold beers..


(they even use the same blue mason jars that I like for water)


bring on the food!

They love to share everything, so we got:

‘Seasonal’ Lobster Roll.  Seasonal because it was topped with bacon + avocado.  the bread was nice and toasty, but I’ve never been a huge fan of lobster rolls.  I guess i prefer crab melts!!  We also got the lobster corn chowder.  MMM….so gooodddd..i ended up eating 1 of the 2 bowls all by myself.


definitely had to try their dungeness crab melt.. it was good, but Crazy Crabs is still #1 (see Crazy Crab’z).

image image_1

oysters galore, plus a few clams!

photo 1 photo 2 image_5

and lets not forget the main course..


meet Larry, our 2 pound lobster

sorry, Larry the Lobster, you were damn good with just some melted butter.  The bday girl loves the guts and innards, and boy did she enjoy eating the head! she convinced me to try a little…i probably haven’t acquired a liking for that sort of gooeyness yet, but she was slurp slurping away~!

for dessert….

we had two more 1 pound lobster tails (bc my broker thought they were a better deal then the 2 pound lobster lol).

photo 3

super yummy foods for 5 people!

i asked the employees how they prepare their lobster, and they said, all they do is boil them!  really?  so easy.  i like.  i think this will be next on my cooking to-do list! 🙂


4 thoughts on “new england lobster company

  1. 🙂 yum! what a coincidence b/c i was talkin with greg (danny’s greg) that same week. he lives in millbrae also, and suggested that i go to this li’l lobster shack on the other side of the 101… new england lobster company! he just dined there the day i saw him. must be good!

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