dan ta’s

i was walking through chinatown earlier, after lunch with a buddy, and was able to stop for the best dan ta’s (or egg custard tarts) ever.  these are sort of famous in San Francisco, you could say.

funny thing is that i used to think  i didn’t like them.  something just didn’t appeal to me about them.  i think its the flaky crust part, which looks like it would very dry.  i don’t like dry looking pastries.

some of these same egg tarts were given to me recently, and i didn’t eat them..gave them away, offered them to friends.  finally there was one left, and i figured, hey why not?  people stand in long lines just to get them at this bakery.  and of course, even days later, right out of the fridge (not warm and freshly baked), it was pretty darn good!  i guess i can see what all the fuss has been about 🙂

so, today, i decided to stop in for some.  one for me, and the rest to share with friends!  luckily, there was also no line!

Golden Gate Bakery

1029 Grant Ave

San Francisco, CA  94133


photo (67)


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