saturday night’s dinner

unfortunately, its not too convenient for me to try to buy asian groceries in SF.  the closest place is Chinatown, which actually is really close, but can be a pain to park, but it’s also sort of brutal going there.  i went one time, and was pushed and shoved, and people cut me in line while i was standing first in line at the register.  we’re talking old grandmas.  i thought she was just setting her items down, and then going to pick up more things, but nope.  hopped in front of me and just paid.  seriously?!  how rude.  hah when i have the chance to stop by an asian market in the peninsula –>  less crowded and yes!  FREE parking LOTS, I try to.  aw..the joys of suburban living!  I went recently after not having gone in quite time, and i may have gone a little overboard buying stuff.  one of the things i bought was chilean sea bass. this fish.  I bought over 2 pounds because it’s much cheaper then buying it at whole foods.  for two people, that’s obviously quite  a lot.  had to try to make it soon, so I offered to cook dinner for our friends, who just so happen conveniently live next door.

so, on the menu was:

Strait’s origami sea bass

Spicy Szechuan Egglant (SW loves these.  it was also my first attempt)

Dry Fried String Beans

(all food i bought from my asian market run)

we brought dinner next door to eat (since we currently don’t have a dining table), and sitting on the floor is a little ghetto haha 😛

photo 1

origami sea bass

photo 2

string beans and eggplant … u like the tupperware presentation? hah

our friend made a yummy persian cucumber salad appetizer/side.  LOVE this dish.  super garlicy and crunchy!  i always like ordering this at chinese restaurants as an app!

photo 3

photo 4

dinner is served! 🙂

i thought the eggplant tasted like it should, although, it lacked the nice purple color after it was cooked.  looks a bit blah here. oh well.  still tasty! 😉


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