feelin like some japanese food! part 1

one area that i don’t visit very often in San Francisco is japantown.  the main area is comprised of Peace Plaza, which are two separate malls/buildings connected through an outdoor plaza in between.  even though it’s not much, sadly this is the closest thing to visiting japan for me 😦  one day, we will visit soon hopefully!  until then, japantown will have to do!  every time, i go, i am still always thoroughly intrigued by all the stores there, whether it’s ichiban kan (which sells all sorts of knick knacks), or a book store, or even a store selling small dishes and teapots.  i’m like a kid in a candy shop!

Saturday, i thought it might be fun to go there to eat and then perhaps wander around in the shops.

right when we arrive, the first restaurant we see is Ramen Underground.

SW and I had been once before to their original location on kearny after some happy hour festivities with some friends.  we both really enjoyed it that time.  they had habanero miso as a special that day, and i couldn’t resist.  i wanted some spice!  funny thing, i was the only female present that time and also the only one that ordered it 😛  guess i was being more adventurous then all the boys!  it ended up not being very spicy, but overall was still really good.  one of the best ramens i’d had in a long time.

needless to say…we had to look no further!  we’d found lunch!

photo 3

Ramen Underground

22 Peace Plz
Ste 530
San Francisco, CA 94115



we ordered the mentaiko (salty cod roe) onigiri

photo 1

mentaiko onigiri

i haven’t ordered onigiri that often..only a few times, but every time i’ve had it, it’s always been prepared differently.  ramen underground’s version was plain rice with the cod roe inside, and seaweed wrapped on the outside.  the last time i had it, it was grilled on the outside, so the rice was crispy and a meat filling.  i wonder if there is a particular way it’s supposed to be done?

i saw ‘habanero’ ramen on the menu, and of course couldn’t resist again.  my head tells me “yes, get it!” even though my tummy is telling me “no, you’ll regret it!”.  who wins?…..my head!

photo 2

habanero ramen

they also have ‘special’ ramen:  tomato, soy milk, and vegetable broths.  i was curious about the soy milk one because it sounds really different and could possibly be good?  maybe next time!

their ramen comes standard with spinach, roasted pork, green onions, and mushrooms.  i had to add the soft boiled egg and corn.  those are musts!!  one taste and it was better then i remembered it!  (maybe because my taste buds were working properly this time)  the egg wasn’t just a plain old egg, but it was marinated–almost like a soy sauce or tea egg.  yuuum.  not to mention it was soft boiled and gooey.  i also liked having the spinach and shiitake mushrooms as toppings .  that was different then other ramen restaurants that i’ve been to.

now onto the important parts:  the noodles were just slightly al dente like the first time.  love this texture for ramen.  and the broth?  ..ohh…SPICY indeed.  it definitely packed a lot more heat then the first time!  i had to nibble on the onigiri midway to try to soothe the spiciness of the broth!

SW ordered the spicy miso, which in comparison to mine wasn’t as spicy, and had a bit saltier broth, which is always the case with miso broths.  he enjoyed his very much too!

all around us, we could hear other diners slurping away happily.


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