feelin like some japanese food! part 2

we watched the documentary “Sushi:  The Global Catch” and being food lovers, what does that do?  it only made us crave SUSHI!  Where could we go for some good fish?  I think of Koo, in the Sunset.  Coincidentally, the last time we went there, it was also after watching a sushi movie:  “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, about an 85 Year Old Sushi master.  One day i’d like to try his restaurant in the subway of Tokyo.

logo 2

408 Irving street San Francisco, CA 94122


What is “KOO”?

“KOO” is the informal and masculine way of expressing “to eat” in Japanese. To Japanese people, it would be more natural to spell the word “ku”, but by spelling it “KOO”, we feel it gives a more charming impression.

What do I think of when I think I hear Koo?  

I think of:  Spoonful of Happiness, one of their signature items.


A Spoonful of Happiness: a spoonful of uni, quail egg, tobiko ponzu & a spoonful of ankimo wrapped with whitefish, white truffle-oil ponzu & a shot of chilled sake

you take a sip of chilled sake, and then eat the right spoonful of ankimo and white fish.  repeat process with the spoonful of uni & quail egg.

i prefer sitting at the bar when eating at a sushi restaurant.  it’s interesting watching them at their craft.  it’s also like a free lesson and show 🙂  not to mention it’s great when they are friendly and describe each dish.  we definitely had to get the ‘spoonful of happiness’ which was just as good as I remembered.  delish!  then order the chef’s omakase.  SW likes it when the food is a surprise, and he doesn’t have to think about what to order.  in other words, just put food in front of him, and he’s happy!

the chef asks if we have any food allergies.  nope!  none here!

he places fresh wasabi root paste on our wooden plates, and then starts off with giving us each our own mini sashimi plate:


big eye tuna, king salmon, hamachi, and scallop

 after the sashimi comes the nigiri.  i like how each nigiri is served, one piece at a time.  yes, you could say it takes much longer to eat this way, but you are able to really enjoy and savor each piece.

he spoils us with buttery goodness of three toros…yes, the fatty belly parts of the fish which gives them a melt in your mouth texture lots of flavor.


blue fin toro


hamachi toro


albacore toro

mmm..so gooood!

next is aji (or mackerel) from Japan and then the bones are fried and lightly salted to be eaten as ‘chips’.


aji (mackerel) from japan


fried aji ‘chip’

then, snow crab nigiri..a first for me!..and pike from japan on the right.

snow crab

snow crab leg nigiri

then another version of mackerel

mackerel with seaweed

mackerel from japan with marinated kelp on top

love the saltiness and texture of ikura (salmon roe)…



i really enjoyed this salmon salad with the citrusy dressing!


salmon salad with celery and onion, topped with a yuzu dressing

 and to end it all, a delicious handroll filled with spicy king crab, avocado and cucumbers.


king crab hand roll

all of the fish was super fresh and delicious!  this only makes me want to visit japan that much more!


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