my favorite flavors…

it’s probably no secret, as i’ve mentioned it many times before..i love spicy, garlicy, and sour flavors.  You add in cilantro, and i’m in heaven~!

i was looking for a recipe for some pork chops I had and came across one on epicurious that combined all of these above!  woot!

I didn’t grill them like the recipes calls for (I have yet to go near a grill), but instead pan fried them.   And since I already had lime and cilantro for the chops, why not make some cilantro lime infused rice as well?  i squeezed the remaining part of the lime directly into the rice cooker, and threw some chopped cilantro on top and it all cooked perfectly for some yummy fragrant rice.

voila.  served along side some roasted garlic zucchini and squash.

garlic lime cilantro


i liked this recipe quite a bit.  It was easy to prepare and had just enough of each ingredient to still taste their individual flavors!


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