it’s been tooo long!!

one of the most popular and established restaurants in San Francisco has long been:

House of Prime Rib

1906 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco CA


“House of Prime Rib is a San Francisco Landmark.  Our juicy and delicious Prime Rib is made from the highest quality corn-fed beef available.”

It truly is a landmark.  I remember years ago, it was during college when I had my first ever ‘nice steak dinner’ at HOPR.  I’d never been to a steakhouse prior, and I’ve loved it ever since.  Years and years later, it still is the best prime rib anywhere around here, and unfortunately hard to get reservations unless you book in advance.

It’s been over two years since I’ve last gone, and SW heard his friend talking about going, and we decided to jump on the band wagon too and make a reservation.  Plus, I hadn’t been there in ages.

Funny, on a Wednesday night, they had no tables for two, but they did have a table for four!  No problem, the more the merrier!  I decided to invite MissD and MrD, since she likes “cow” just as much as we do.

I definitely got really excited to go.  I’ve had prime rib at some other places, mostly Broadway Prime in Burlingame, which is a replica of HOPR, but aren’t they all sort of the same? Hm..well, let’s see if I can tell the difference..

When we arrived, it was exactly like it’s always been every time–bustling with diners and all of the sitting areas full of patiently waiting patrons.

Each entree comes with salad, sides, and yorkshire pudding.  I always ask for both the creamed spinach and creamed corn.  I’ve always loved loved the beet salad.  Prepared, tossed, and then served table side.  In the past, I’ve tried to find the same dressing they use, but the closest I’ve found is Russian dressing, and not the same.


i delightfully gobbled down the entire salad.  i wish i had more.  I had to tell myself, something better was coming.

and then, after a short while, the chef and his magic cart appeared at our table!


he carved each of our orders, and mmmm….


(right photo with yorkshire pudding + creamed corn)

the prime rib was airy, tender, and moist.  

all i can say it was it was perfection!!  and YES, there definitely was a difference.  they are not all the same.  silly me, how could i even think that?

i gobbled up the sides, but alas, could not finish my entire piece.  now, looking at the pictures, i wish i did 😛


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