korean short ribs

a few weeks ago, i mentioned that i stopped by an Asian supermarket and may have gone a bit overboard.  I also happened to buy a pack of short ribs, most commonly used to make kalbi or Korean short ribs.

i finally decided to make them the other night..

i prepared all the ingredients for the marinade, which included:  lots of garlic, jalapeno, green onions, and minced yellow onions..


and then added soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, korean chili flakes, & sesame oil.  Usually I try to follow a recipe, but this time i got sort of lazy and decided to just eyeball it.  i figured it should be a-ok!


all done and ready to soak in the marinade for a few hours…


i also bought a cucumber, thinking it would be a good salad/side..and what do you know.  i just happen to have all the ingredients to make a korean ‘cucumber kimchi’.  perfect!  would go great with my kalbi!  i found this recipe, by celebrity chef David Chang, owner NYC’s uber popular restaurants group Momofuku.




finaly, it was dinnertime!  and time to cook ..unfortunately, i haven’t yet stepped near a grill, and just used my handy Calphalon pan (courtesy of MissD).



all done and ready to be served..


along with a some rice + broccoli..(sort of like Sorabol heh)



dinner is served!



the cucumber kimchi gave out great.  the flavors were pretty spot on, and I’m glad it didn’t require lots of time to ferment, like regular napa cabbage kimchi.  the kalbi had a good flavor, and luckily was marinated just long enough (only 3 hours)…although the cuts of meat weren’t that great.  😦  I suppose this is why I think quality at chinese markets are bit lacking.  probably shouldn’t have bought the pre-packaged ones. doh :X  oh well, next time, only korean markets for meatS!




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