quick & easy

after eating somewhat poorly earlier in the week, i told SW last night that I would be serving him a just a sliver of salmon for dinner haha  you know, like when you go a fancy restaurant, and it’s a tiny piece?..’just a sliver’.

anyways, i realized, the salmon i bought actually wasn’t tiny, and was a somewhat generous portion.  a little nugget would never do!  but anyhow..made a quick and easy dinner last night with some sauteed spinach and mushrooms.  all very basic ingredients and seasonings (the usuals) including:  fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, minced garlic, + minced onions for the veggies.

for the salmon, i did a rub after coating with EVOO, consisting of garlic salt, season salt, pepper, & brown sugar.  normally i would have added paprika, but was disappointed to see there wasn’t any left.  oh wells.

bon appetit!

photo (69)


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