waiheke yacht club

from the name, it sounds like it’s hawaiian, but nope!  it’s New Zealand inspired.

WIYC_Website_Banner 2


“New Zealand inspired pop-up Restaurant & Bar housed in the historical Pier 29 on the Embarcadero, part of San Francisco’s beautiful North Beach district and at the heart of this years 2013 America’s Cup.

Created as an expression of summer freedom, the Waiheke Island Yacht Club is the perfect place for nomadic spirits to call home. With its timeless character and true bohemian sophistication, the Waiheke Island Yacht Club offers an ambiance that parallels the easy, dream-like quality of New Zealand’s beautiful Waiheke Island and its locals. It will be a gathering place for the lovers of the ocean and the lovers of food & beverage who seek a retreat from the saltwater chill and the ordinary.”

I’d heard that it would only be here until the end of the year, so i thought we should try it out!  Hey, if it’s good enough for Tom Cruise, it’s good enough for me 😛  Plus, I’ve never had any type of food that is New Zealand inspired.  Although, I’m not quite sure what that even is..



the ambiance was nice.  a very open, warehouse-y feel with tall ceilings.  the decor was woodsy with leather chairs.  it looked quite nice for a ‘temporary’ restaurant.


if was also a friend’s birthday, so we asked him + gf to join us 🙂

we started with:


Jeruselum Artichoke, broccoli, vegetable marrows, butter beans, crème fraiche & pea shoots


Pacific Style Fish Ceviche, wasabi sorbet, cucumber, lime & coriander


Maine Scallops, squid ink pasta, pear, brussel sprout, lemon grass & finger lime caviar

and of course this sounded delicious as well…..


Free Range Pork, octopus, abalone mushroom, daikon & sea urchin

they also gave us warm bread with a browned butter…omg.  that browned butter was amazing. i rarely eat more then one piece of bread, but i ate all three pieces that were given to me.  not sure what they put in that butter but it was so good.

continuing onto entrees…

our friends got:


Silere Merino Lamb Rump, parsnip, yoghurt, leek, cumin & charcoal


Line Caught Snapper, clams, saffron, vanilla & cauliflower.

SW got:


Grass-Fed Beef Fillet, master stock bone marrow, delicata, onion jam & seeds

and I got..


Hens Egg, sweet corn, shiitake consommé, truffle & shallots.

I’d seen my entree on the menu before going, and already knew i’d be getting it.  it had all the flavors & components that I really love.  I just wish there were more.  i sound like a piggie, but it was more of an appetizer sized portion :T

and a side of..


Mixed French Beans with Anchor karengo butter & nori

when our server mentioned desserts after dinner, he caught my interest when he said coconut, mascarpone & apricots….mmm.


Coconut Fromage, verjus peaches, nectarine & apricot crackling

I’m still not even quite sure what made the food “New Zealand”…but everything tasted really good!..the only negative was that the portions were a bit small, but otherwise a great experience!


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